Geeklife: Batman Arkham City -Review-

As you probably know, I’ve been playing Arkham City for the past week almost whenever I get the chance. I got Batman Arkham City Game of the Year edition from humble bundle and may I say, I am cherishing every minute of it. The 2011 masterpiece got lots of attention from fans and critics alike, I actually thought people were over-going with the comments and ratings just because it’s Batman, turns out I was really wrong.

Right now I can’t remember a bad thing in Batman Arkham City because initially everything was great, I’m actually going through my mind to remember the bad things because their was only a few. Of course I’m late with the review (no doubt), but this is still a blog run by one person so actually all reviews are more like my thoughts on the game. The third installment in the series Batman Arkham Origins is now released so you should check it out.

nice ss for batman

Most games that try to take glitter from the movies are usually really bad, I think even though many people have played the game, we should tell the other half of the world that haven’t played it yet to do so because it is not like… Thor and Spiderman the game thing, it’s a unique game with a unique story that plays great in every inch of it. If you think Batman is going to hold a rifle and go smacking bad guys, well you’re wrong, he’s still him, he wouldn’t and will not kill anyone whether it’s in a movie, a comic, an anime series, a novel or a game.

In Batman Arkham City, the city corrupts as all maniacs and psychos fight to rule this -somewhat- wonderful city. Actually every thug is doing what usually happens. Harvey wants the city, Strange wants it destroyed, Mr. Freeze wants his wife with him, and Catwoman is just doing what she always does, steal from everyone and kick the crap out of them if they find out. All but Joker actually, while his thugs are present in the city, and his charmingly crazy girlfriend is… Well being herself, he just wants to be cured, and none other than Batman is helping him get it.

Joker ill

The story is awesome, but I don’t want to play a game just for its story, if that’s that then I wold be fine watching it as a movie, but no! A game is looked at from its gameplay and when the story makes the gameplay look better, well that’s called great! You run around the city doing missions for this and that, here and there and may I note that one of the things I loved is that the world is as big as it should be, never felt too small and never felt too big, the position of the thugs here and there, listening to them blab about taking over and all that is even better, I never felt bored scavenging the city.

When a main story mission comes up, it’s usually on the inside of a building like a museum or a church, you move forward trying to solve somewhat easy puzzles here and there, on the way you’ll meet thugs that you got to face. Now here’s the thing I loved, it isn’t about going in and kicking butt, it’s really you being Batman, I used the Xbox 360 controller to play the game so I have nothing to say about the controls of the PC a.k.a mouse and keyboard.

Let’s say you go into a place, as always your best friend is the dark and your tools. It will be a little hard to beat thugs with rifles for a little reason that is your health. So when this place has about 7 enemies and all with rifles, you won’t be able to drop in and beat everyone because it’s instant death. I’ll tell you what, hide up on a gargoyle or something like that, and by the way, moving with the grapnel gun from a place to another is always great. Now when you see that this enemy holds a distance from his friend, drop in, give him a knockout blow and hide a.s.a.p. Usually his allies will notice and will come to that place, if they happen to notice you can drop a smoke palate and quickly hide, you can also use the batrang to stun enemies for sometime to beat the other one and hide, more things are used. There is they typical feel of being Batman, now when you’re in a fight with a some enemies and they don’t happen to have a rifle, or you probably have nowhere to hide, the combat is pretty cool thanks to it being a free-form combat.

Batman kicking butt

Their were times when I had to use both direct combat and stealth movements, I kept hiding under stuff, running away from people, dropping smoke pallets when I have them, stealth takedown and so much more, I never found it complicated, and it was always fun. I said it once and I’m saying it again, do not miss this.

This is Batman Arkham City, but that doesn’t mean it is only Batman, main story also holds some ins and outs with me having to play as Catwoman, it was awesome, I really felt it was me playing as her and loved it. Putting that aside, Batman Arkham City also has more than the main story and side missions to go through, their’s the challenge mode that I played through a little and probably will later, but the best thing is that I unlocked a hard mode that I really want to see how it feels, not to mention the special Harley Quinn game mode, thank goodness they told me that it contains spoilers because I haven’t played it yet, but I really feel like I have to.

Batman Arkham City is truly a masterpiece that shouldn’t be missed, mistakes are never ones that make you want to just quit playing and I haven’t added them in here, thanks for the developers who made this, thanks for the critics who rated this and thanks to all my friends that recommended this oh and more importantly thanks to everyone who is reading this. The game deserves high scores and great love and nGeeklife is proud to give it a 10/10

Here are a couple more images to go through, thanks again for reading, until next time…

Batman vsMr Freeze BatmanHarley all tied up batmanRas al ghul Batman



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