A Story To Be Told…

Usually when a company starts working on a project, they think of what it will be, if it’s a game then the next step is putting ideas, what will you do, how will it look, what is the genre, type, chosen audience and so on. We all know that not the entire world will buy this single game, every person has his choices of likes and dislikes.

I’m going to take the space in this article for one thing and it’s having an idea from scratch, you can’t take it as a silly try from a boy with a dream to make games. All these ideas are actually things I have just thought of, I won’t delete anything and everything that comes into my mind will be seen right here so, let’s see what kind of craze my imagination has cooked up.

A boy wakes up and finds himself in a totally white room where everything is made of clay except the ground. His screams go loud as hell when the clay mirror shows him what he is now… A robot! After 10 minutes of crying the boy hears a sound of a woman called “Nanra”, she promises him that he will get out, and he will go back to his older self, that is only if he obeys everything she tells him to do.

Doesn’t take a second to think, he takes whatever is that looks like will help him and sets his foot outside the room. Nanra gives  a device that looks like a headset and orders him to wear it, after wearing the device and functioning it, he sees a normal human world, but without the glasses it’s a white world made of clay. After learning how the device works, it is known that now he has been chosen to kill the well-known and highly loved hero of the city. At first the boy thinks that it’s just a digital and unrealistic world, but when it’s too late, he kills the hero and at that moment, Nanra appears and the truth was that Nanra can only be freed if the hero of the city is killed. Her evil doings start to rise, but she fulfills her promise and sends the boy back to his world, his memory comes back as he is the president of a high-end technology company responsible for many great inventions, many of them saved the world from natural disasters and many more.

Just when one of his new trainees called “Arnan” suddenly find this other dimension, the company works hard on an atom transfer technology device that sends him there in seconds. When he finally gets there, the world is destroyed, Nanra is killing anyone disobeying her, and the world is just, sad. At that moment the boy orders Arnan to send him every fighting technology they have invented, and any resource that can come close to helping him survive. Arnan and Co start working as hard as possible to send their boss new and better technology to help him through the struggle.

Throughout the adventure of the fallen city, the boy meets the rebels that help him in many different ways, but of course he first does some missions needed to gain their trust. Later on the fights get bigger and the rebels grow stronger, the fight against Nanra starts and ends up with a victory for the rebels, but the death of the boy only to lock Nanra again.

… You might not believe it, but this all just came to me, and the thing is that I really didn’t stop to think if readers or actually a player watching the story will sit down, listen and like it, this might turn out good or bad and I will fix it, but isn’t this a good way to start a new idea? Whether bad or not, I didn’t stop to worry, I finished it and now will start correcting (as in between me and myself later). Hope I’ve helped you with something, and I really hope you enjoyed it! Thanks for reading everyone, until next time…


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