Too Young For Batman

Excuse you! If you’re not broke and have a gd PC then what the heck are you doing here? Steam’s autumn sale is almost done and you’re sitting here reading this? Well I sure have got to thank you for that!

Yeah Valve isn’t done being generous as the Autumn sale keeps going every second! While you’re sitting right there, I was being the most humble guy I can ever be… On myself that is. Games like  Tomb Raider, Skyrim and State of Decay aren’t published in one night… Well they are, but I mean they’re not “developed” in one night, we’re not Lara Croft now are we.

Batman Being Called for Help

Though these are three awesome games in which all three I got on sale, I was just playing Batman: Arkham City, YES! I admit to my crimes, I haven’t played the 2011 masterpiece until humble bundle actually put it in one of their lovely cheap bundles! I also have State of Decay downloaded, and I played it for two hours on a school night (I LOVE LIVING DANGEROUSLY). State of Decay is something I’m leaving for later, because the current topic is… Batman!

Joker in TV Batman

This time Gotham has fallen into a great “decay” (see what I did there?) as something called protocol ten is going to set sometime and do something I don’t know what the hell it is! Meanwhile all thugs of Gotham are trying to take the city to themselves as the city has fallen, law is nowhere to be seen and “every man for himself” is the talk of the town. Harley Quinn is trying to help The Joker, while keeping a piece of Gotham for herself (and her crazy boyfriend too).

I haven’t found Harvey a.k.a two-face trying to do anything as I’m still kind of early in the game, but like penguin, he’s trying to take the city too. I have no idea why Bane really wants to destroy the titans… Actually I do, but I have no idea why I felt like typing that.

Again with Harley and Batman Joker aiming on cat woman and Batman

Gotham is as crazy as ever and I love it more than ever, it’s really filled with psychotic feelings everywhere that just really make you want more, and more, and more! Just look at how two-face talks from his human side then switches to the burned side. Now take a look at cat woman and Poison Ivy, two seductive and truly powerful women each of them has his pick for crazy altitude, actions and of course love. At the last point of my view, I skip everyone and skip over to Joker and Harley Quinn, I love these guys! They put the “C” in crazy, these are the most psychotic not-ego maniacs I have ever seen.

Poison Ivy Catwoman Batman Alfred, Batman's butler

That is only what Batman: Arkham City gives me as a chill, a game is always looked at for its gameplay, but this time I really wanted to show you just how it affects you playing this game, or at least just looking at it, everyone knows Batman, but not everyone knows what he, or the series is, that was the main point of all this. Thanks for reading everyone, until next time…


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