Switch To Fun! — Comprehensive Context Not Included :D

DAMN! Sunday is almost over (well it is at my place) and I want to do so many things! The first thing I did was at like 7:00 am and it’s called “waking up”. I had a scout meeting and a trip and all that, meanwhile two books were waiting for me to study them for big tests tomorrow :/. Teenage years are hard, no?

… This has gone somewhat out of the idea, didn’t it? Well since it’s all about switching to fun then I won’t bore you to tears by saying that I haven’t studied a word and the fact that this holds a big percentage of my grade… You bet I won’t! Not only gamers, but all my lovely geeky readers, friends and future cellmates will love this last minute weekend fun that I’ve built up as a to-do list for the res of the day. Only people with nothing to do should probably read this, do not try this at home because everything past this is a horrible statement that will ruin you lives FOREVER! Or so they say!

Switch to Fun— Number One… Hey that rhymed!

Needed tools: Portable machine with games – A wet towel – Actual water

At 6:00 pm exactly throw everything you have in your hands (unless it’s a phone or something really really hot), go the bathroom and play a small portable game like Subway Surfers. If someone knocks you probably want to tell them you’re taking a bath because this usually takes me like 15 minutes or so.

Switch to Fun— Number Two— No rhymes? BOOOO!!!

Needed tools: Bravery

So someone finally opened the door and found out about your lies, if it’s your parents then that takes 30 minutes of lie lectures from your precious time.

Switch to Fun— Number Three— Yupee

Needed tools: Thoughts

Chances are you’re grounded just like I am, but if you’re the lucky one then let me spare you 10 minutes of your time to think of how much you have got yourselves into trouble now that I messed up the one place a teenager usually hides from his parents when they’re mad.

Switch to Fun— Number Four— Get The Door

Needed tools: Doors

This one is for the grounded guys, every 10 minutes, get the door, close it, then go to bed. This was also for -somewhat- fat kids who want to lose a calorie or two, and trust me, it works!

Switch to Fun— Number Five—Roll The Dice


Paul Walker

Now that you’re parents are sick of you, try to do something even though you’re grounded, I recommend a marathon for the Fast&Furious series to show the love and respect to dear Mr. Paul Walker who died in a horrible car accident. Paul will be missed and I will try to dedicate an article about him when I can.

Switch to Fun— Number Six— Nothing to do here

Now that the marathon has ended, or whatever it is that you did, it’s either morning or your parents want you to go to bed! Either way the rest of the Sunday is now over, thank you for reading everyone, it’s time for me to actually “Study”… then again, I already looked at the book once so WHAT THE HAY! Until next time…



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