Programming Minds? It’s Called a Dream!

As some of you probably know, I’m majoring IT in an institution and right now programming is my favorite subject. Nothing to really like about it except the fact that I will be able to make games. The language we’re going to study for the two years we have now is the popular C language.

Blue Keyboard :P

C language is really all at a base, it’s pretty easy and the fact that any programmer starts from C and moves on to the likes of Java. The teacher sees me as a bright student with a programming mind, but to be clear… I will NEVER EVER be like other programmers, the guys with squared shirt patterns and all that.

I think I have a test tomorrow so I woke up early today (about 8:00 am) and start studying, right now we’re at the loop stage stage which includes for, while, and do while loop. Finally after like three hours I think I’ve got it, I am always slow when I don’t study for sometime, but that isn’t the point. I’ve realized that programming is actually quite easy, you only need to understand how the codes work and you’re off like a pro, but why do I mess up with a grade here and there?

After looking more into it I realized the math within it. The codes are nothing, quite easy to memorize and adopt in fact, but when you come to a point where you have to make this add with this and use this in that, it’s actually only the math the gets me lost so while studying I kept it out of mind, I looked at my dream, remembered why I’m doing this in the first place, if I was good at designing a company would have took me, just like anyone else I have ideas and Ii have a massive imagination, however they want take me for my drawing skills that’s for sure (cause I REALLY REALLY suck), but they will take me for my programming skills and then adopt what I have in my head, then someone with good drawing skills or animation or really stuff like that will do them… Yeah that’s all I had in mind to do since forever!

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One of my relatives once told me that the programmer will do what he want and the designer will put draw and animate what he has in mind while he codes, the other relative said that the designer will draw and animate, the programmer will just code what he has in mind, well excuse me but I think both are wrong. The development team is composed of lots of people each with his own traits, putting the sound effects and music on the side, my view to the actual team is this: A programmer and a designer, they agree on the gameplay, the story and what will happen here and there. The designer draws, designs and whatever he will do, while the programmer codes I’ll say and makes it appear here and do that over there! For those who still think there is only one profession that is on top I say go to bed! Both are equally important and both are heavily needed, Imagine Skyrim unpolished though the dragon moves great, now imagine it greatly polished, but the dragon moves like s***, as in the wing is in his…umm.. mouth! Now so that no one kills me, imagine the dragon with the voice of a young girl, or maybe no voice at all, ha?

Thanks for reading everyone! Until next time…


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