Adventures With Ubuntu –The UI–

In a way I’m happy and in another I’m not. Today I’ve finally installed Ubuntu on my PC again! Last time the wireless driver was not locating wireless, actually it was… In a way… It would just ask to enter the password again (and again, and again).

Using internet through a wired connection worked fine, and the weird thing is that both wired and wireless worked perfectly fine on Windows 8, but what is the problem? Googled a little and saw this “Ask Ubuntu” website with lots of answers, but I wasn’t familiar with using terminal (command prompt) and such things so I pressed that big uninstall button and continued using the OS we know as Windows.

After about a month of what happened (3 days ago I think) I decided to download Ubuntu again, but this time I will make it worth and I won’t give up to any problem. The iso file needed to install and boot was on my USB stick and it was time to work this thing out.

I was already convinced that I want to use Ubuntu from the last time because of the freedom I have, for people who were stuck with Windows and Mac for their lives, this is like actually flying around. In Ubuntu (or any actual OS that uses the Linux kernel) you have the option to do whatever you want, here for example I have to install the driver, the OS detects it of course, but it’s a built in chip on my laptop. This is actually something really small, but the first time I noticed this all that came in to my mind was “Such a small thing, but I have to install it? That means I can stop anything, or let anything process”… Maybe that’s not the best example now that I’m writing it, but the amount things I want to install if I want, and how to use it shows me that I should some kind of calculation (not really) to see what is stopping Ubuntu from beating Windows or Mac.

Windows 8 start menu

The UI of Windows OSs, more specifically Windows 8 which wows me with its Start screen makes it a better choice for casual users especially kids, I remember the day I got my first tower PC, before playing that beautiful Winnie the Pooh game, I  wanted to see everything in every folder, only to hear my dad talking with the guy who put the computer up, what to do If I accessed this and deleted that, I was a bright young fellow you know, the first thing that broke the computer was putting Pokemon trading cards in the CD drive to play using them instead of the ugly ones in freecell, spider and such Windows games.

Ubuntu is a faster OS, much faster actually, it doesn’t have that basic look that Windows has Ubuntu 13’s task bar I’ll say contains a faster browse in to the computer, but that isn’t really a vital thing to choose an OS over another. Using Steam, Firefox and many different programs, I find it really faster now that I’m using it, with 4GB RAM Windows 8 64bit sometimes stops to take a nap while I scream, or glitches here and there, sometimes doesn’t read my external Hard Disk, USB… Ubuntu does!

The open thing in Ubuntu brings us back the UI thing, Windows files are hidden, and normal users won’t care about accessing them, well they’re hidden and they don’t want to install the OS all over again, right? Ubuntu comes in here, you can add anything to Ubuntu as you like, heck you have files that can be removed and stop a certain element, or put another to add an element, whereas Windows hides them and has this way of finding the error and fixing it, but sometimes you just have install the OS all over again.

Ubuntu on desktop

I accidentally deleted a file in Ubuntu and it didn’t let me boot into Windows too. I had to install Windows on another partition (meaning I have two Windows 8 OSs installed) then get back to the first one, delete the second and uninstall Ubuntu, then install it again, the thing is that I have experience in software and hardware, I’m also studying this, if let’s say my cousin came to do this…He’d just give up, reset the computer, lose all files and continue, but that would make him mad and not use Ubuntu again. Well I fixed this and kept using it because I know I can fix it, but a bigger percentage of the world don’t want that to happen and will play it safe, after all, a PC usually has some things that you don’t want to lose, I have a picture folder for family days that just can’t be lost, of course I saved them in a different place, but again, others probably didn’t.

Losing a system file would be disastrous for some people, and the only way Ubuntu can fix it is by having things like recovery mode with Windows. The way I see it, the problem in the way I call it is the inner UI, there is no such thing, but that’s what I like to call the OSs problem, looks like something that’s understandable. Ubuntu needs to have a way to only allow the user to not access the files unless he knows what he’s doing, an easier way to know, maybe separate the system files from the normal files and from the added files. Yeah that might just be it… Well I’m pretty sure that’s a good thing to do in the next update.

The wireless thing turned out to be a file I had to install like in the driver, but I had to use the terminal to do so… Again, if you want casual users to come near you, the UI is all that needs to be improved, but if your just going for people that know what they’re doing, it is also fine for them, right now I can’t suggest Ubuntu, even though I love using it, but that is only because I know how.

Thanks for reading everyone, until next time…



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