Geeklife: What Mii Needs

As the days roll and sales of game consoles go low, the Wii U is one to face deep trouble, but any one that’s following the news, the sales have started to kick off little by little, is it because PS4 and Xbox One are rolling out? It never was. The main reason is the games of course, sure the Wii U has enough games to keep you covered for a bit of time, but most gamers want to know if they will play later or not. The sales isn’t the topic here, but yesterday’s Nintendo Direct is, actually it’s a really small part of it I’ve been dying to discuss! Let me start this at mind-level thoughts.

Super Mario 3D World on Miiverse

One of the Wii U’s best built-in app is none other than Miiverse. For those who don’t know, Miiverse is like the community hub of Steam, to make it more precise, it’s the Wii U’s Facebook. Every user has a profile for others to add him. You have an activity feed to see what other players have posted, and almost every game has its own community (like groups and pages in facebook) so that you can talk about this specific game, or something related to it. You can either use the virtual keyboard on the Wii U gamepad or use the stylus to write on your own, just like a pen and paper.  Another great thing is the ability to post scores and images from the game right in to Miiverse, and you don’t have to close anything, Miiverse is accessible directly!

Yes that really is a drawing just from a simple tool

Yes that really is a drawing just from a simple tool

It doesn’t stop there if you thought so, Miiverse is being used heavily in ways that Nintendo did not imagine happening. Gamers are spending lots of time using the writing tool there to draw some amazing posts onto communities and Nintendo keeps adding things for more use when it has the chance. Miiverse has been stuck on Wii U for quite sometime, but they did say that it will be accessible from not only the Wii U, but a browser and smart phone apps later. The browser thing has been done, but —>HERE<— but only Wii U owners can really use it at full. I don’t own a Wii U yet, but I visit the website to check the communities and some posts, it’s really something awesome to be able to.

Yesterday Nintendo uploaded yet another Nintendo Direct, one with great announcements, but I’m here to talk about one actually. You’ve probably guessed with the 416 words you just finished that it’s the Miiverse announcement, but let’s just act like you didn’t.

Miiverse on 3DS XL

Nintendo announced that Miiverse will finally make its way over to the 3DS! Oh yes we have waited for so long and it looks like the wait is almost over when the great app rolls in on our 3DSs this December! We will be sharing our guts and words out on every 3DS game we own, after all, Nintendo won’t release Miiverse on the 3DS so we can talk about Wii U games :D. 3DS sales are nothing of shy, the little handheld has been taking the lead for sometime now and making this happen is really great!

The announcement doesn’t stop there of course, I’m pretty sure every 3DS owner was thinking of how it looks, how good it will be, well it’s nothing but awesome and more! This morning I decided to play Super Mario 3D Land, I haven’t played it in a while and I didn’t beat the specials, just looking at the game I was all like…DAMN! This game will be a great bomb on Miiverse, share everything in-game with polite Nintendo fans (thankfully) and beat time scores of others? All on the go makes me want to go, go and GO!

Miiverse is a big deal, it might not sound like it just because your reading, but it sure is a great feature! Thank you for reading everyone, until next time…



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