Geeklife: (Tie-in) For (Buy-in)

As the end of 2013 comes in and schools rolling out, Mr. CEO of each and every company decided to release each and every awesome game they can make, why the heck would they do that! Come on people, it’s summer, these days are meant for having fun! Adults don’t have a winter break if that’s what you’re going for.

Pokemon Y coverI already have a couple of games stuck in my Steam library, and I have Pokemon Y ahead of me too, not really enough time to play with a ll the tests and projects we have every now and then, some kids work too you know. Aside from last year’s disappointment, 2013’s end is an even bigger one and not just my time is dead, my wallet is hurting too.

First thing to look at is the wide library of big games coming out, not to mention a couple of indies every now and then, but let me take out the big guns first. Assassins Creed IV: Black Flag is almost released on the PC and it’s $60. I’ve played Assassins Creed III and really want to know what happened to Desmond, what is it like being a pirate, and most of all, I want to stiff a giant blade into a pregnant women but nooooo! They want me to suffer, I know Ubisoft have always hated me, but… This much? I am sad, about to cry in a corner…

Next in line is actually already out (just like my wallet and my bank account), Call of Duty: Ghosts, I’ve been waiting long enough for an even bigger kick in the series and the extinction mode sure is! The review showed both perfect and bad assets of the game so my final judgment was getting when I can.


Battlefield might just be the title I want… HA! Gotcha there didn’t I! I won’t nothing from EA until they fix this money-crave of theirs. To be honest, their games are good, but I won’t go paying $5 for a t-shirt in-game, I don’t even do that in real life. The title I want to see from EA is Tintfall, the game will be great, and I just hope the EA touch won’t ruin it.

I also have want to have my hands squished with Nintendo’s hand-killing control-freak Kid Icarus: Uprising. Due to some personal (not really) reasons, I can only buy games online and thankfully Nintendo has finally decided to put the 2012 awesomeness on the e-shop for people like to buy it, oh! It’s also $36 too!

Another title I really wanted was Sonic Lost World, but the review got my hopes down a little, lets just hope Sega just puts a damn demo because I’m not buying until I’m trying. Batman: Arkham Origins is yet another title, but the humble Warner Bros bundle is wearing me out, two Batman titles, two Fear titles and Scribblenauts Unlimited?!… Is there no stop in these guys?

More Nintendo love is just what my 3DS needs, The Legend of Zelda: Link Between Worlds is almost making me scream, should it be it? Should I go for Kid Icarus? Or should I just… Ummm, oh god help! Games like these are ones you just can’t miss, the challenges of such an amazing series or the action and sizzle of other games too.

From State of Decay

Then we move over to a game I thankfully stumbled upon and it’s called State of Decay, let me just tell you that it’s the zombie game we’ve all been waiting for, and you do NOT want to miss this one, google the name or you’ll be sorry the minute you find your friends playing it and you’re not.

Maybe I should stop here? Seems bad I didn’t mention other games too, especially those coming out in 2014 and so, well your wallet, purse or wherever you keep your money is probably parting with the papers in there so thanks for reading everyone, until next time…


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