English Tests Are My Favorite

Short story long, people actually do say it the other way but what the heck! I’m just too happy to care. I talked to my crush, while drinking crush and crushed right into the ground, but I’m not here to talk about me, actually I kind of am, but just forget about the older parts.

I don’t know if you guys are in school, high school, college or maybe adults, heck I’m not sure about it, but whoever is reading, first of all thank you, thanks a lot, I really mean it, and two… As the bell rang and it was time to enter the hall, first thing to see (putting butts of people in front of me on the stairs aside) was the English teacher telling me to grab a pen and follow her. These gestures mean one thing and that thing is a test.

English tests are my favorite, okay maybe not completely but for some reason I love them. The best part is the last and it’s the writing part, some of my friends make sure they do the writing first, but I like to save the best for the finish. The only reason I love writing is actually just thanks to games and social media, it isn’t my main language anyway. Most students consider themselves really bad or give the “I don’t care” call to the teacher when they fail, but I’ve never been that guy, well not in English class at least.

Teacher Pointing at Map of World

When it comes to writing, I know this is THE thing that I can show my work, and show the teacher how good I am and how much better I can get. Today was no difference, but sharing the thought with my readers when I have nothing geeky to talk about feels pretty darn good.

After reading the text, answering text-related questions, vocabulary and grammar I finally reached writing, the teacher didn’t bring a really new or fun question, but I had just the way to make it better. We had to write an email to a customer that didn’t get the goods he wanted, what a boring thing, NOT!

The first thing to write was the email I want to send to, well Mr. PeeInYourPants was thrilled to read my reply on PeeRight@windows.com, his private email (and yes I know what I wrote). The start was of course an apology of course, the guy expected more from a worldwide company like “DeadBugs4Sale”, we’ve been sending goods for customers for over a decade. Too bad the delivery was incomplete, 500 ants, 310 eggs, but sadly we forgot to send the 200 roaches OH FOR CRYING OUT LOUD! The man was thrilled because with the apology came his missing roaches and a +10 more of each bug he ordered, well daaa! Our company means business, we can’t just go lying around sending half a bug delivery, if so we would have called ourselves bugs2sale, not bugs4sale.

Thanks for reading everyone, don’t worry the customer replied and he was actually wrong, but we sent him what we promised anyway that’s the kind of company we are, until next time…



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