The Mixed & Fixed

Oh it so good to come, sit for a moment, write a couple of words and go! Well that feeling was lost on Saturday when the my laptop’s screen broke and the store wasn’t able to get it fixed till Tuesday, but that is only my excuse for not being able to write the last couple of days, hopefully, no more interruptions will happen because nGeekLife is here to stay! 😀

I actually have many things to talk about, but some take two words and some take 800 so just to get rolling back. Today I’ve finally beat Transformers: Fall of Cybertron and it what an end it was, I like the fact that everything is stuck into gameplay with just a couple of cut-scenes, not to mention the fact that the game is a set of 10 amazing chapters with each taking at least 30 minutes to compete, that is pretty darn impressive because you’ll be dead tired and wowed after each of them.

Transformers War of Cybertron

Well beating the game took me long enough though counting the days I’ve already have it is quite stooped, well the great explanation to a guy like me is the fact that… well… It’s all Humble Bundle spoiled me! YES! The generous website with all the amazing games, they’re the reason this apocalypse of time has happened. With each bundle giving me like 7 awesome games and not enough time to choose which game to go through at first, they broke my head!

Transformers actually wasn’t on Humble Bundle, but I decided to purchase it because of all the mixed reviews the games get all the time. When the king of Mordor came by to pick up the bread, he whispered me this advice “Choose just one to play at a time B!T**” Oh that king, his words might be harsh but his heart is even worse. I decided to stick to his words and do what he says, the game I chose was Transformers: Fall of Cybertron and may I say THANK YOU for the great advice Now can you please take the stooped ring, it’s freaking me out.

I don’t exactly know what I’m going to play now actually, will Ii continue Just Cause 2? Kill my GPU with Crysis 2? Or maybe even go for the smaller games like Bastion. First thing first, I’m probably getting the new Humble Bundle this Saturday which is filled with Warner Bros heaven! These bad boys might just change what I’m going for. but thanks to good old Mr. Internet, it looks like I’m going for Just Cause 2 after all.

The new Humble Bundle is a bomb and it’s all thanks to Warner Bros. For those who don’t know, here’s a fast Humble Bundle explanation… A game company comes in, offers a couple of its games for a really low price and the money you pay goes for charity, the company and the owners of the website.

The turn of this bundle goes for Warner Bros who’s offering games like Batman Arkham City, Fear 3 and Scribblenauts Unlimited for the price of $4.62 with the fact that paying more will get you more games later, of course some douchebags go for $4.63, but we’re still gaming and helping many charities.

Thank you for reading everyone, until next time…


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