How to Halloween with Geeklife

October 31st, a day that takes a religious meaning for some, and a fun day for others. In my place, we only live the day online through chats and wallpapers, it’s almost never that someone throws a Halloween part, let alone a party. Though I won’t be throwing out costumes and shaving some pumpkins’ guts, I’m sure to show you, how to Halloween.

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<Step 1> Costumes

First rule? Never be a princess, that goes for girls too! I know you like to look cute and adorable, but for people like me, Halloween is all about scaring others, being that psychotic bi*** you’ve always wanted to be, that goes for the girls too.

<Step 2> Trick or Treat

Trick or treat is not for kids, it’s a job for MEN! Go knock on the door, as soon as anyone answers you say the magic word (no, it’s not please) and wait. If the person gives you a treat, you give them a big thank you, but if he wants a trick, make sure they don’t live to see November ;).

<Step 2.1> Don’t be a fool

LOL Hallowwen idk

I beg you, don’t go knocking a door and going, it will be painful on me and you, possibly the cops too :/. That isn’t the only “fooling” you shouldn’t do of course, we mean all kinds of “fools”, no stealing, no “fooling” *wink*wink* around, and certainly never tell a knock knock joke as a scary story

<Step 3> Party All Night

It’s Halloween for crying out loud, don’t go home at 11:00 pm from a party, I know I’m still under 18, but why do some people come home by 5:00 am *wink*wink* and we don’t? That goes for kids too, don’t you think your parents really mean 12:01 when they say…er, 12:00?… Never mind.

<Step 4> Sneak in

If you happen to be late, you don’t want your parents to catch you, of course if you live in a building you’re as good as dead, but people living in a house always have a plan b which has rope, a balloon and a lifeless friend all over it. Consider a spare sneaker on your way in and enjoy a good night sleep when your done.

<Step 5> … Oh we’re done?

That's the way to rock Halloween!

That’s the way to rock Halloween!

Lifeless buddies we have you covered, since we don’t have parties and trick or treats over here, I know just the way to pass time and the plan starts with the following:

  •  PC
  • Controller
  • Steam account
  • Headphones

Once you put these with you, it is time to boot up that PC and start your scare marathon, yes my friend that means a night of playing outside your house with games like Amnesia, Outlast and more! Make sure it’s not your house you’re staying at, peeing in your bed is one thing, but making your friend’s parents think they had to do their business 😉 in their bed, it’s something else.

I hope I have helped you figure out the rest of your day, thank you for reading, until next time…



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