Tech2Geek With Geeklife -i Air Touch-

We’ve seen movies, cartoons and games all showing us a glimpse of what everybody wants the future to be, some say flying cars, others say robot suits, some say mechs and people like me dream for free chicken wings.

The ideas don’t set themselves to impossible because nothing is impossible. If you think about it, what would make things like “The Future of Glass” impossible? What would make flying cars impossible? It is only a matter of studies until it happens, just yesterday I was reading about this Taiwan based R&D organization making AR-like screens.

i Air touch

Today as the title shows, our number two tech2geek is about this screen which probably all of you don’t know yet, well tech2geek day is just the way to find out!

To a consumer’s eye, i-air touch should be known as special glasses, you wear and let it connect to a specific device (PC- Laptop- PDA…) in a way we will talk about later. What is on the screen of the device you’re using will be generated by i-Air touch into a virtual AR right in front of you, but you won’t just look at the screen, you will use it! The virtual screen in front of you also acts as an input device allowing you to not only look, but also browse and play and see everything there is to do thanks to DDDR (defined distance with defined range) camera technology.

The technology used is something I haven’t understood how it works up till now, but it is translating to be a new type of coding, why not try to understand it together.

The camera uses a phase and color coded lens, it can locate and understand an object at a distance of 11 inches to 12.5 inches away from the glasses. The camera detects and activates only in the presence of a fingertip within that range—> Bottom meaning is to take it this way. You’re wearing the glasses and a fingerprint appears at the specific range, the camera generates the virtual image and you can start working. The idea will prove challenging for consumers like what will happen if another screen comes, but they’ve got you covered in the image below.

Multiple Screen and keyboard input

Multiple Screen and keyboard input

We’ve all seen such things in movies like Minority Report, Iron Man and lots of other things, but this is the first time it’s actually not a green paper edited to look so, for the first time, we are almost in the future we’ve been dreaming to see. Of course for a geek, I can mostly look to this to watch movies and play video games, but the company looks to have other plans too.

“ITRI plans to license the patented technology to manufacturers. The company sees the heads-up display technology being used in not only consumer arenas, but also for medical applications such as endoscopic surgery and any industrial applications that benefit from hands-free input.”

Thank you for reading everyone, on behalf of the nGeeklife team, I would like to apologize for the lack of articles this past week as everyone was greatly busy, we will continue our work normally and try harder, thank you for understanding :D.

We wish you a happy tech2geek day, thanks again for reading, until next time…



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