Geeklife: Buentastic Treat -Foodtastic Day-

Oh this great satisfaction of having a delicious treat all up in your mouth and right into that little tummy (or my pack of 6 strong abs). Last month it was M&Ms, but today we bring you the joy of milk and chocolate that is none other than… KINDER BUENO!

As recess today came to be I was wondering what snack to go for because four seven hours of school do my tummy no justice. Then it came to me, I’m going to eat a Kinder Bueno, but DAMN YOU SCHOOL STORE, it’s twice as much as it should be so I quit, bough a crunch, waited for the day to end and got one on my way back :p.


Ferrero SpA (yeah I wrote that right) made sure that everyone gets a load of the hazelnut cream filled wafer and its chocolate covering. Bueno doesn’t have these cute characters that M&Ms has, but the neat design sure gives me pleasure. I love Bueno as much as I love my pillow (maybe not completely), and it’s a real deal when I get to split it in half and taste the cream.

Usually just the name that spells “Kinder” is a go getter for children thanks to old Mr. Kinder Surprise so going with the name does really great market, well maybe not everyone, but certainly me :D. That’s the end of Foodtastic everyone! I hope you’re going to get one yourself (if so, then get one for me too!). Until next time…



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