Geeklife Talks Miley Cyrus Meets Rio -Just Cause 2-

I think, well actually we know that Miley has been a, trend we’ll say in the music industry. She started as this cute little girl and hero to fans on Disney and now grew up to be what she is like now.

Personally, I was a big fan of Miley, Hannah Montana was a great series, and Miley seemed cute and funny and all that. Then we have her music which is totally great and no one can deny that. Take it to my point of view now, the only thing I still care about in Miley Cyrus is still he music, the music videos are what men should never see as of today, but if you only listen to songs, you will love them and so do I.

In this video that I was supposed to upload on Friday, but sadly we had some problems, but thankfully all is well now and the video is up, live and you can watch it from the article right here 😀 (Though watching it from Youtube and giving us a like would be great too).

The video is actually like a parody where I have some play-parts from the amazing game Just Cause 2 mashed up in with the Miley’s new song, Wrecking Ball in a way where lyrics and the video side to make a comedic act with each other… Okay that seemed to serious… It’s a video with Miley and Rico, and it’s really funny 😀  so enjoy!

One thing to note is that after uploading the video, I’ve noticed that it was blocked by Germany for some reason, actually the reason is that the sound recording is administered by SME (Sony Music Entertainment), I don’t know what in the world this means exactly, but here this. Everything in the video was done by me, I took the song, took parts of the game, mashed them in together and voila! The song is as I said not mine, but the editing done is all me, and for some reason Sony was being a d***s, probably. Anyway I thought of going straight and just approving whatever Germany and Sony did so the video is playable in Germany normally now, but I still don’t understand any of what happened.

If the video is in low quality, make sure you press on the settings icon under the video to pick the quality, best is 720pixels HD. ENJOY!

Thank you for reading everyone, make sure you visit our Youtube channel for yet ANOTHER video about a game I know you’ll love, until then…


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