Geeklife: What Do We Think of Escape Plan -Review-

Oh it has been since Smurfs 2 review that I went to the cinema, I wasn’t really planning on this, but my friends wanted (and you can’t ignore a movie with 5 of your best friends now can you?! :D). The hangout is something, but on nGeeklife… We’re here to talk about the movie so, shall we?

Escape plane is an action thriller, and the first thing to notice after watching such a movie is that it sticks to these two words “Action Thriller”. It isn’t the wild blockbuster, but it sticks to the action in a way that keeps the crowd wanting more, of course every movie has to do that, but in such movies you have to notice such things, the word needs to stick in the mind and these guys surely does.

Escape plan stars none other than Sylvester Stallone as Ray Breslin, who’s current job is simply, studying prisons. The question is why does he do that, well he co-owns a security firm that specializes in testing the reliability of  prisons. Another way to put it is getting himself into prison and getting out without anyone noticing.

No I wasn't really... IN the movie :D ;)

No I wasn’t really… IN the movie 😀 😉

When a new mission was set for him in another prison, the former prosecutor’s captors remove the tracking microchip from that was in his shoulder and take him to the certain location where the prison is, but of course, he doesn’t know where the heck the prison is, and neither does his partners since the micro-chip was removed. Inside the prison, Ray starts to watch and observe everything around him with another prisoner  Emil Rottmayer. It’s later shown that the prison is actually owned by a for-profit organization and almost all the prisoners are actually there because someone payed the owner a huge chunk of bucks just to keep them in there forever, only for Ray to later find out who was responsible for the turnabout of the mission from a break-out to a stay-in.

Fight in Escape plan

The movie is filled of course with some great moments, some comedic moments here and there, but definitely ones that stay in your mind. Like I said the action thriller in the movie is used right through all the movie, you’ll keep waiting for what’s coming next.

The audience will notice one thing and that is the fact that this ISN’T the blockbuster the everyone is waiting for. Blockbusters are usually those with many explosions, lots of… Well put it and call it… Anything! Right there, that is not just “anything”, it is “something”, not the super high action moments, but the right story for the right people.

Enjoying the movie is just right, it isn’t the super energetic crowd loved (maybe just over here at my place), but it sure is worth paying to watch it, a night with a blu-ray is a much more preferred sit down, but whatever you choose, it’s worth it.

Thanks for reading everyone, I would like to apologize about the video I was supposed to upload, but I’m having some problems, hopefully everything (video related) will be solved by Tuesday. Until then…



One thought on “Geeklife: What Do We Think of Escape Plan -Review-

  1. I saw the movie and I must say that I liked it. I agree with you on the quality of the film. Of course, it is not a masterpiece but you see willingly. Now Stallone and Schwarzenegger have made every kind of film, and every time it is difficult to make a good one … This time they succeeded.

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