Geek Life: Cartoon Reviews – Mucha Lucha/ Mucha Lucha Gigante

Just to make this clear I am reviewing these two at once because Gigante is really just a continuation of Mucha Lucha just made to be a lot more action based, which is pretty common for some cartoons to do (The Perfect example being the Aqua Teen Saga). So here is a show that really left an imprint on me, but surprisingly seems forgotten. This is a show that honors the virtues of HONOR, FAMILY, TRADITION… and donuts. Mucha Lucha is a show that is based around the Mexican tradition of wrestling or Lucha Libre.


Three friends Ricochet, Buena Girl, and The Flea are an inseparable trio who attend a school for aspiring Luchadors. What I like about this show is rather than the traditional duo of cartoon teams, they decide to go with a trio. They do it very well and they do it like this; (I’ll go over their personalities in a bit) Buena Girl is one extreme, The Flea is the opposite extreme, and Ricochet is the balanced one. A very good formula with very hilarious results. Once again the characters make everything in this show, and the more I write these reviews, the more I’m starting to realize that a good cast means everything to a cartoon, even more than story and concepts.  With the Luchador theme, there was an infinite amounts of possibilities for side characters and the fact that all the luchadors actually transformed when performing their signature move also adds a lot of color to the wrestling matches in every episode (both of which the writers took full advantage of). This show was both funny, engaging, and had a lot of wholesome stories with a great trio. There actually was a lot of cartoons based around school at the time the show was created (I believe it was because of the success of Recess [I’ll get to that review]), all of which would get cancelled except for this marvel. What I mostly love about this show is its lessons of honor, family, and tradition, and they teach these lessons without pushing it in the viewers face. They really keep true to the values that the show brings to kids attention, and they do it not only with the characters and stories, but also as a metaphor with the masks they wear. You see every luchador family in this universe has a family mask design (kinda like a last name), and having the masked removed in public (especially by an opponent) is a huge disgrace to all of the traits (honor, family, and tradition) they represent.


Now as always I must say there are a lot of great characters that add a lot to the series, but I’m only gonna focus on the main protagonists (besides it gives a reason for the readers to try the show out for themselves). Ricochet is easily my favorite character, he is known as the best in his class. He has a lot of spirit, aspiration, and he may be a little rough around the edges but he is what makes a great luchador to be. Buena Girl is a brainy type, she is obsessively clean, and is a very good friend. The Flea is pretty much the exact opposite of Buena Girl, but he too is a great friend despite some decisions he’d make. These three as I describe them probably don’t sound that complex, but the more you watch the show the more you see that they are pretty complex to a certain extent for a cartoon of this style.


This show is a great time, with a lot of great and funny adventures to follow. There was also a great successor to this series people may still remember El Tigre, but that’s another review I’ll get to in the future. This is a show with a high entertainment value and with a lot of imagination put into it. It’s also cool that this show explored a Mexican tradition like Lucha Libre and Mexican heritage, that isn’t something you see a lot in popular animation. Thank you for reading and your support, I hope you’ll check out my videos on game analyses and more on my youtube channel:

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