Geeklife Enjoying Just Cause 2!

Take the idea of  Spiderman’s webtastic powers, Battlefield’s cut-scenes full of falling buildings and explosions and lastly take the massive map of open world games, stick them together and we BOOM! We now have a copy of Just Cause 2, an action-adventure video game developed by Avalanche Studios, published by Eidos Interactive, and distributed by Square Enix for PC, Playstation 3, Xbox 360 and later OnLive cloud service in between March and June 2010.

Taking the gameplay into hand, it’s a really a massive universe, a massive map and if you think you’re going to turn around and check all of it out on land, well you need to schedule about 2 hours of free time, maybe even more! The world is massive, but that doesn’t make it good, what makes it good is how you can use it, and Just Cause 2 offers one of the best to do so.

Just Cause 2 Perfect Explosion

Sure you have fast traveling thanks to a black market dealer, but do you really want to miss all the action? Take out the story elements in counting, there are tons of things you can do here and there. The most thing I ended up doing is the one you see right above this paragraph, BOOM! In Just Cause 2, you’re not waiting for a cut-scene with something really big exploding all of a sudden, here you do what you want… Okay maybe not everything, every game has its own limits, but we’re here to talk about the positives.

2013-09-07_00008 2013-10-16_00019  Destroy car in Just Cause 2RUUN! Just Cause 2

Taking the story into mind now, you are Rico Rodriguez, an agency operative who’s dropped in Panau to track down your old mentor, Tom Sheldon. Tom is also a member of the agency and he was dropped in Panau before these events too, but the agency fears his betrayal after not hearing a thing from him after that time. Once in Panau, Rico starts trying to gather information from around the -so called- Utopia. The best way is to help the three criminal factions who are also striking against the current president Baby Panay.

2013-10-16_00035 2013-10-16_00031

When you’re feeling bored just go take a car (and you know how we do it ;)), drive really fast and hit the hardest wall you can see because trees are not as solid as they used to be! After that, guess what? BOOM! I think I play around the world and mess with people more than I play through the actual story-line, if you really want to know, that’s what the developers want you to anyway. By wrecking some things here and there, you will increase your chaos score which helps you unlock the next mission. Maybe it sounds like so, but you really won’t feel like going to continue through it at all! Well is that all of it? Actually, no. Rico also has a grappling hook which is the main element in the gameplay. Use your grappling hook to get to high and far places, or maybe kill enemies using it, you can use it in so many ways, especially grapple hugs!

Let me take the end of the article to announce another mid-week video coming tomorrow so make sure you check out the REALLY SPECIAL video tomorrow! —> CLICK HERE <— Thanks for reading everyone, until next time…



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