Geekife Debate: Pokémon vs Fire Emblem -Part 1-

Oh! These two are the big boys right now on North American  3DSs all over the states. People have been fighting over the better 3DS RPG as of yet, and even though some might go for Etrian Odyssey, Shin Megami Tensei, I chose to stay with the ones I own, and love.

Fire Emblem Marth and that guy!

When Fire Emblem was out, I was all over it mainly because as some of you may recall, one of the 3DS’s Ambassador Program games was the Gameboy Advance’s very own Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones, if you want the truth, I was really bored when I decided to check the game out, 10 minutes later I was the princess in control of many troops that are being attacked by a friend kingdom and so on. I enjoyed playing it, then again and again and again! Come to think of it, the story was a great deal, but the twist of a character dying and never see him again was super great in a way that I don’t want any of them to die, the characters’ relationships made me sad to lose someone and feel like I let down his relative or stopped his story, a feeling I hate, but it makes the game seem A LOT better.

Pikachu in Pokemon XY Pokemon Amie feature

Pokémon is known to be “my thing” since I was a kid, the start was with the shirt my mom gave me as a kid that I loved wearing just because of the cute mouse on it. Not so much time later, that mouse was on T.V and his name isn’t Pokémon, his name is Pikachu. Then I got my a Gameboy color from a relative, but with a couple of -somewhat- boring games. It was worth looking at it till the other day when dad took me to a game store in order to buy a game for it, what do you think I chose? Oh Pokémon Red! I remember the first day I put you on that green system and named myself Ash just to experience his adventure. I actually thought that I HAD to be Ash, but it was so good that I actually chose my own Pokémon, and not just those of Ash.

Both have a lock at my little insensitive gaming heart, but Pokémon got me into gaming while Fire Emblem made me a better one. Now to do the debate a real stand, where does it all go? It goes into one place and that will be discussed in Part 2 of these article coming later next week, I hope you’ll check it out!

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