GeekLife: Childhood Dreams Come True – Pokemon X & Y –

17 years ago, Nintendo published the first two role-playing games on its Gameboy handheld known as, Pokémon Red, and Pokemon Blue. We all know how much RPG games were popular back then with games like Final Fantasy and so on. Graphical power was poor back then (in comparison with current days), but when graphical gaming power started improving with almost all franchise from every know developer turned 3D, only Pokémon remained 2D. From the points then, and up until now, every Pokémon fan’s dream is to see a full Pokémon game in 3D, and for those who don’t know, we mean the full scaled RPG adventure things, not the like of Pokémon Stadium (A game I adore so very much) and so.

Pokemon Y cover

Now I don’t want to just talk about how every fan’s dream come true because I already did before, but I want to talk about the game. Yesterday as I filled my debit card with $40 ready to purchase one of the two most awaited for games in 2013. My 3DS’s region is NA and the timeline overseas is a lot different so I always counted the hours till the game is live on the e-shop and actually, 12:00 am for you guys was 7:00 am for me. I woke up, ate breakfast, got my 3DS, bought Pokémon Y and went to school only to come back, eat launch and play Pokémon Y for 2:15 hours straight.

What do I think up till now? Usually it’s not right to judge so early in-game, but probably this being the first 3D entry in the series that got me into gaming in the first place… Looks like I’m ignoring the mistakes, but really there aren’t any to notice, just like any other Pokémon game, this sets new tiles, greater additions and lots and lots and lots of stuff, that is only in 2:15 hours.

People who read the reviews probably noticed how reviewers stresses on the whole faster than usual gameplay, and now that I’ve played it, they were totally right in fact, if you’ve played any of the past entries and come over here, you would be counted deaf if you haven’t noticed the difference. Now I wasn’t really annoyed by this in the first place, but others really were, especially those who restart the game more than once. I for once like to take it slow, not too slow, but just good, if you really look at it, what I did in 2:15 hours was probably done less than 15 minutes by others only because I really wanted to experience each and every bit of the game at its right pace, many probably missed the tiny bits, but Ii haven’t, if you really take it slow you’ll see a lot more than you already have. Maybe I took more time than I should too, but I’m glad I did.

More horde encounters Pokemon XY

Another aspect reviewers also noted is the high track you can get just by a couple of minutes. The start doesn’t have that good quantity of Pokémon you want, but daaaaaaaaamn was it awesome having all these Pokémon right at the start. I don’t like to catch many Pokémon because it takes more time just to do so, and I want to advance through the game a little faster when I’m bored and that way if there’s lots of them, I don’t have enough time to train them, but this time I’m willing to take the time just to walk around and toughen each of them. In the end I decided to stop catching many, but one can’t help the beauty that 3D effects give them, I was one step closer to catching 5 Caterpies just to look them. My current party is: Chespin – Pidgey – Zigzagoon – Pikachu – Rilou – Torchic. All these guys I caught in the wild (except Torchic was a gift), I see more but they’ll end up weak in my box so Ii stopped for a little there.

Shout outs from PSS Pokemon XY

WOW! Wait a second? That is all I did with the catching part of the game, but the article is big enough, I think the secondary elements need an article of its own, but you wouldn’t read it now would you? All this is without counting: Pokémon Amie, Super Training, The AWESOME online elements, GTS, Wonder Trading, and of course finally we have the ability to customize our trainer, not just skin color or gender, but finally actual clothes! Am I forgetting something? No I’m not! Who would forget PSS! Now, wherever you have Wi-fi, you’re never away from your friends, street passers and online players basically because not only is it fun, it saves up precious time of going to the Pokémon center by being on the second screen of your 3DS, right beside the rest of the features like Pokémon Amie.

Keep it locked for more Pokémon articles probably yet to come, until then…


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