GeekLife: Having Some -WICKED- Fun

It isn’t always that easy to write an article every day, even though I love doing it. Today I want to go a little different… Why not make this a comedic day and enjoy the rest of the day laughing at these, er, “adventurous” videos filmed by one of my best friends ( before moving to the institution).

That school is one full of people you don’t want to meet, an all boys school that is actually the realistic version of Bully, but to people full of power and courage (like me 😉 ) you shall enter, laugh and enjoy the d*ck warming adventure of Jamil Rawwas High School.

Please note that these videos are not by nGeekLlife, and the channel is in no way related to the other (actually it is if you count friendship)… You better not be under 14 years of age too, we put the “H in HORRIFYING!

Yeah we like to fly hard, but not only that. Even though we’re boys, our bodies move like it’s nobodies business ;).

Childish? NO! Boyish? Maybe. One thing we power at is… wait for it… just a bit more… GENTELISM!

Now moving to the dirty part. Jamil Rawwas high school proves that not only night clubs master poles, we do to!

If you think you’re a real dancer, we bring you the mightiest challenge of all time.

Just wait till you see this.

Now! Our the outro (No twerking, don’t worry).

Just wait to see what will happen to the cops if they decide to even get close the main entrance.


I guess it turned out worse than Bully if you ask me :D. Make sure you subscribe to Yasser Shalash’s channel and thanks for taking the time to watch all this. Make sure you subscribe to our channel too, just press —>HERE<— (Videos up every Tuesdays, sometimes midweek too).Thanks for reading, watching and actually just being here. Until next time…



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