Geeklife: Using Ubuntu (Linux Based OS)

I’ve been using  Microsoft Windows for as long as I can remember, the first computer I saw had Windows, the first one I used had Windows and all the ones I bought up till now have nothing, but Windows. That is only until I started looking up the internet, trying to increase my technological knowledge (no I’m not kidding).

I couldn’t understand most of the words until I used the certain thing whether it’s games, file extensions, programs and everything else. The fear of messing up the system always haunted me because I wasn’t the only PC user, and even if I was, this doesn’t cost a dime or two, but thanks to the likes of Superman, Batman and many other heroes, I made my heart scream, defeat you fear (give me a break! I always imagined myself a hero, and NO this isn’t dramatic). I started using the internet and getting to know things better, then when I started having a -somewhat- basic knowledge, the internet led me to a place called Wikipedia (it was a bomb when I found out that I can use Google for more than just checking the internet’s availability.

Ubuntu 11 stuff

Through the years of being a person interested in nothing but technology (with just a dash of sports ;)), my parents started looking up to me as the master of technology, then again I was like 13 year old so… Now that I’m here with knowledge about technology, and actually majoring it in an institution, I got led up to something called an operating system.

As I looked more to it (especially when upgrading from Windows 7 to Windows 8) I got a bit more into the whole thought. When the whole smartphone craze came in, and as I saw my friends changing brands, internet changing posts, I got a better view it. About a little time before two weeks from now, Valve announced SteamOS, and a week before that, Gabe Newell expressed his love to Linux, and even more time before that, I read lots of Windows vs Mac articles, only to find yet another name that I got caught up on before, but didn’t really care enough to go for it.

It took me lots of thinking about how to try something from Linux on my PC, given the fact that Ii will want SteamOS on there too, still I can’t get rid of Microsoft Windows just yet. The idea just came to me, why not try installing Ubuntu (a Linux based OS) and get the taste of freedom on my PC for once.

Just then I went to download Ubuntu, but 768 is a little too much on my bandwidth right now so I the files burned on a CD from a store and went directly home. One thing sure to come in mind is that Ii don’t want it to replace Windows, another thing is that I don’t want it to eat my RAM so I decided to not do virtualism, and instead install it at its full self.

The CD was an older version, but I installed it anyway however, thanks to many problems, the installation failed at first, that is when I decided to choose the demo option and just try the demo into which I can continue installation from there. The start-up took too much time, but I was warned that the demo is slow to boot. The core I took was great until I decided to install the  OS.The installation had its ups and downs because it’s the first time I do it entirely on my own (turned out that clicking ‘Next’ is not that hard). The OS is great, but once I wanted to connect to the internet, Ubuntu didn’t and still isn’t connecting to the network even though  other devices (and Windows) is. Google didn’t do any good so I’m still searching for a fix, at least I can connect using ethernet!

I’ve noticed something that the freedom it gives is only for advanced computer users and not granny looking to up her style (sorry about that). You have to install your drivers, manage your folders and make sure no one gets into the logs and all that. I think it’s better to see than read.

Ubuntu multiple desktops

Another thing is that it actually is a pretty darn sexy OS, I thought it would be messy with system files and all that, but not at all. Come to think of it, the UI is better looking than that of Microsoft’s (or maybe just different). One of the best things I saw is the option that allows you to have multiple  desktops at the same time and it can really come in handy. The best thing is that it utilizes RAM at their best unlike Windows right now.

It will feel weird if I don’t have Windows OS later in time, I’m used to it, but after using Ubuntu, I finally understand why many others trash talk the OS. Even though I’m liking it, I’m not sure what I’ll end up having, not to mention the fact that I haven’t used it for much so I don’t know all the problems it has (aside from the wireless thingy). SteamOS is sometime this year and I want to keep it more than everything else, come to think of it… I really don’t know what I’ll do.

Thanks for reading everyone, did you watch my new Youtube video playing Assault Android Cactus yet? If not, make sure you do by pressing —>HERE<—. Thanks for reading everyone, until next time…


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