Geeklife: First Day of Many! Back to Youtube!

nGeekLife is known to it’s readers with articles to give them information about many different things, but about a month or two ago, we tried to use Youtube for game show recommendations and it didn’t go so well. We’ve been talking and working on a new way to enter Youtube from the time I decided to stop this and it all came down to one thing which is let’s play videos.

As of today we have a couple of videos being edited (already played and shot), and the day has come for the first to be up and running live. The first let’s play video will be uploaded onto our Youtube channel tomorrow, and will be followed with more videos at a weekly base. The crew will try its best to keep up at the base because… Well we’re all in school and all that. Ii hope you’ll watch the video which will probably be embedded here on Wednesday (Uploaded on Tuesday).

Make sure you subscribe to our channel, not just because we really (like ultra super infinite really) want you to, but to also have a chance to win a free Steam game code to download. News about videos will be announced earlier on our Steam Group, and we might also give some sneak peaks on both @NGeekLife & @GameOnGamerGuy Twitter accounts so please follow us there too.

Thanks for reading gamers, see you all tomorrow (well you’re probably seeing me :P), don’t forget to like (… too far?), until next time…


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