Geeklife: A Week In Class

As you probably don’t know, I’m registered in an institution and not a school because simply, I’m thankful that I already chose what I want to be, what I want to do and I’m working on it. Last Monday was the first day in my IT Class year 2, this time the technological knowledge we’re given expands a lot more.

Of course we take subjects like English, French, Arabic, but all I want to talk about are subjects related to what I like and that is: IT, A+, Network, C, Access and Web Design. These are the main technology related subjects (those I remember really :/). IT stands for Information Technology, one of the subjects I shined in great, but to take it right and in, all I signed up for was to get closer to my dream of making games, knowing that people think of me like some of my favorite people in the game industry. Say, Cliff Bleszinski, David Jaffe, Gabe Newell, Shigeru Miyamoto… All from different places here and there, but the same industry, I want to be on that list, I want to see people smile playing a game I worked on, I had at least something to do with it.

Jumpon Chef Screenshot

Last year at the institution (school or whatever), each competence was in need of having projects displayed there for a huge crowd of students, parents and some scouts come to watch what we have. You can find all I did in the “Game In The Work” page that I really hope you’ll visit.

The whole thing I’m in for is none other than C language which first sessions started today, my classmates are usually surprised that I pick C as my favorite subject, maybe it isn’t really, I just like it because as everyone knows, it is the base to start and widen on programming languages, and to know programming means that after this I can start making programs, more to it, making games! That’s all I’m in for, as I said THE list.

Taking a dash out of the thought, today’s lesson was amazing, I felt the teacher didn’t get into the basic idea the right way at first, but when he saw confused faces all around, he changed his way 360 degrees and got us to understand. Today I’m downloading a C compiler and getting ready to see what I can get out of the lessons yet to come because the idea I have is incomplete to be shown to you, but it is a great Saturday article for a later day! I hope you’ll be checking such related articles as they come because they will! Maybe they’ll end up helping you for future work.

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