Geeklife: I Want To Be a Lawyer… 3D!

Oh my lovely little 3DS! How I adore holding you, pressing your little buttons, looking at your amazing 3D effects. You started as a small successor and now you’re at a tie with my PC as the best platform I’ve owned yet. From the power of Street Fighter to the depth of Kingdom Hearts, you are one to not be messed with oh 3D beauty.

I’m not talking about the 3DS unless as an introduction, what I am talking about is something that fans of the series (and my followers on twitter) probably guessed the minute they saw the “L” letter there. Yes lovely readers, today’s topic is the closest thing a person like me will get to a court of any kind (unless puns are a crime) or to fill the shoes of a lawyer. This is called, Ace Attorney.

From Ace Attorney Dual Destenies 3DS

I’m doing the research about the trilogy, but let me tell you how everything started. When my cousin came to visit three or four years ago, he had a wide library of DS games that I was more than happy to finally buy a DS and play with him too. We had fun playing games like Mario Party, Mario  Kart, Bomberman and lots of other multiplayer supporting titles. It was only then when he wanted to play with my Pokemon Diamond save file. Of course no problem, three years ago he was more of a gamer than I am. I didn’t watch to get bored just watching him play a game I’ve already went through so I decided to take his DS and play too. Looking through the pile I found something that just shined from within the games I’ve played for hundreds of hours (mostly because it was the only one I haven’t played. I won’t tell you to guess because you already know what it is.

Just starting the game was a waypoint, I don’t know what’s in store, I don’t know what it is and I’ve always stuck mostly to 1st party Nintendo games without noticing. The game started with bits that I don’t remember, actually I do, but many haven’t tried it yet so I won’t spoil. The game grinded me in it from the start, I didn’t have to go through silly things, I was just thrown into a courtroom and I have to win the case as the tutorial went on. Basically when in the courtroom, you have to find pits and holes from within what the victim, the other lawyer or whatever they have. The entire idea is set as a puzzle game, but the puzzle is the case, you’re the lawyer as what people think a lawyer is – A guy who defends someone by discovering things from what they can get. Winning the case won’t be as fast as you think, you won’t win the game by flashing through, maybe it can happen in Candy Crush, but no sir not in here.

The game wants a mind that will follow the case, it’s like you’re in the game, but you’re not. I played through this beauty and I was all “DAAAAAAAAAAAMN This is so fun!”. After game development and comedy acts, I think this is my 3rd choice for a job… Is that supposed to be good?


Yesterday a friend of mine who happens to be a big fan of Ace Attorney -as I see from his tweets– was talking about the new Ace Attorney game and everytime I hear or read the name, I think of the incredible character Phoenix Wright, oh what a man! All I thought about was wanting to play another one and just after that I was reading an article that mention Ace Attorney games on iOS so I said, what the hay!

Before going for anything to do, the last tweet I read was about a demo on the 3DS eshop of an Ace Attorney game! Oh wait? Is it the game that was shown last year? The one where the characters are 3D looking and not drawn ones? OMG! I’m going to have SO much fun! Think about it. New story, new characters, new graphical style with some awesome animated cutscenes… It all adds up! I ran to my PC and googled the name, only to find the release date being on October 24th, what else? I ran to my 3DS, opened the eshop, added the game to my wishlist and started downloading the demo. My internet is too slow so I decided to leave it for the night and go to sleep. For the first time, I wasn’t mad that I woke up at 6:00 am because this by that time, I had breakfast, watched T.V and of course TUN TUN TUN! Played the demo! Wow, just wow! I has so much fun even though it was mostly a tutorial that gave more information to easen up the case (which I doubt has finished), I know everything will be better, it is better! That is why I’m going to buy the game as soon as it’s out.

Ace Attorney HD Trilogy iOS

So now that the demo is done Ii want a little more, here is when iOS comes in for a change, I searched for Ace Attorney on the App Store and I found something that stunned my heart. Ace Attorney HD Trilogy, I have both a good and a bad feeling about this for some reason, but I want to play this game so bad that It’s downloading right now… Actually I think it’s done!

What also took my attention was another iOS game that clearly inspired by Ace Attorney and it’s called Beauty Lawyer Victoria, it’s only $0.99, but I learned to not trust mobile games the hard way. The game does look pretty darn good, but these are only screenshots. I’m going to do a little digging, but until then…



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