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Technology is always improving, people were amazed by colored T.V screens, now they have 3D, 4D and of course the Oculus Rift. We used to have phones amaze us only by the ability to call, now they’re a 5 minutes gaming system. What’s next? Flying cars perhaps? Well whatever it is, nGeekLife from now on makes sure you hear about it every 28th of each month!

phoneblok look

The name you see above is nothing to be left to drop and nothing to be left aside, Phonebloks is something my friend stumbled upon and wanted to show me, now it’s time for you to see it too. I don’t want to write an introduction because the coming words deserve your time and attention and love more than this so stop reading this paragraph… You still are aren’t you? Well if you didn’t love me then why the heck did you not stop reading… Oh! I’m blushing ;).

Take this as a simple thought for the start. A pack of lego parts, each have a certain shape, put them together and make the final thing look as you like. This is the next craze for geeks, phone fanatics and really everyone so let’s decrypt the legoactic word into something that makes sense for the rest of us.

Phonebloks is a phone made out of one part called the base. On the back of the base, you stick some blocks in which each has its own job,  lastly on the other side you have a simple touchscreen. The idea of Phonebloks rests on two things, a hand for nature, and a bargain for buyers.

A hand for nature: Every year, a company releases a smartphone, a tablet and many other devices. Most of these devices are usually thrown for two reasons, either a new one came in, or one (sometimes all) of the parts broke.Once this device is thrown… Where does it go? Most of them go to waste, and the term “most” is really a huge chunk and piles of electronics in the garbage.

A bargain for buyers: Financially, when a consumer comes in to buy a certain device, then breaks it, he has to pay for a new one. If it broke, he has to pay for a new one. Personally, I can hardly buy one phone and accidents can happen. My Blackberry Z10’s screen broke two days after getting and it cost $200, I can’t go having that happen every week.

Phoneblok parts

Here is where the idea of Phonebloks comes into place. Right now you have the base, stick the screen on the front, then stick some blocks on the back, you have a new phone! But why do we have to stick a screen and a couple of useless blocks when we can buy a new one! Here my friends comes me to tell you what the important part of the idea is all about.

The blocks you stick on the back of the base are no ordinary blocks for beautifying the phone. Each of the blocks have a certain job as in one block takes care of the camera, another takes care of the clock speed, the other takes care of the battery, NFC, wireless, bluetooth…

Usually when you break your phone, only one thing is usually damaged, so here if the battery is damaged for instance, you can just detach the battery block and get a new one, possibly a better one too. Sometimes people get a whole new phone even though it’s only the battery that is worn out, meaning many many MANY other parts thrown out for nothing.

Phoneblock for granny

Right above there, all you have is a normal functioning phone, but it isn’t just about the bargain, or hugging nature or anything, this device opens up new possibilities for both manufacturers and consumers. Let’s take a full functional Phonebloks device and you’re the kind that spends lots of time outside, – keeping in mind that not all blocks are the same size-, you can simply get a battery block that lasts longer. Maybe you have a large music library, then just get a better memory. The front is where kids and elderly come into mind, a kid will break the screen (Don’t even think about mentioning that) or maybe granny wants a bigger screen to feel more comfortable with it. If you’re anything like me, you’ll want a keyboard instead of the annoying touch keyboard.

Now taking it to the manufacturers, not just one company will make blocks, all companies can and probably will make blocks like maybe Nikon, the fast Canon and many others, even you can do one for yourself. The idea here is not yet with us, not at all, but we need to stay alive and we’re going to help it by joining the ThunderClap so that the idea can be in our hands, and our money safe in  our pockets.

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