GeekLife: iOS Review: Avabel Online

Get on your hunting boots and grab your weapon, because you’re about to go on a wild monster hunt adventure in Avabel Online.

Avabel Online is a 3D – Massive Multiplayer Online Role Play Game. (MMORPG). In a world inhabited by monsters, you find yourself in the Main Tower in the game. When you first start out in the game you are considered Novice Class and you’re set at Level One. There is six classes you can choose from in Avabel Online. You can pick from Warrior, Rouge, Ranger, Creator, Magician, Acolyte. To change from novice, you can change your class if you talk to the Class NPC located in the main base, or in the Revere. Note, you can only change your class when you reach level Five, after that you have the liberty to change your class repeatedly until you reach Level twenty. But don’t worry, if you feel the need to change your class again, you can talk to the Class NPC again when you reach Level fifty.After you pick your desired class that you want, you can start your adventure.

Avabel Online Image

When you first start out in Avabel, you are able to access two floors. The first floor is called Sonaria, on the first floor you will meet three different types of monsters. The name of the three monsters are Emu, Leaf Liz, Orc. After you defeat any monster in the game, you can collect items which you can sell for G’s at the Item Shop. The second floor is called Wibos, the name of the three monsters on the second floor are called Oost, Kodora, BattleBee. There is one special monster on the second floor, but I’ll leave it to you to play the game to discover it, and defeat it. At the name base there is nine shops that you can visit. Each one serves a very different purpose that will help you on your adventure through Avabel. In the Main Tower you will find these nine shops:

Item Shop – Here you can buy and sell items that you can collect during your adventure. To purchase items you have to use G’s. G’s are the currency in the game that use to buy and collect. You can collect G’s when you defeat monsters or complete certain achievements.

Armor Shop – Here you can buy armor for your character that will improve your defense and other stats depending on the type of armor you choose to equip to your character. You can also sell armor that you collect during your adventure.

Weapon Shop – At the Weapon Shop you can equip a variety of weapons to your character depending on your Class. You are also able to sell unwanted weapons that you collect on floors in the game. Most weapons sell for a fair enough price.

Guild – Here you can create and join Guilds in the game. To join Guilds you can check out the Guild Board which is located right next to the Guild NPC. If you wish to create a Guild you must complete a few requirements before you can create one yourself. You can dismiss and manage your Guild from your Menu Bar or the Guild NPC.

Storage – Here you can withdraw and deposit extra items that you collect when your bag is full. It makes it very nice for people who like to collect in-game relics and such.

Stall – Here you can exhibit items for sale for other players to purchase at your chosen price, you are also able to trade other items with other players who are looking for the item you have to offer. Players can purchase about anything here for the selected price of the item.

Class Change – Here you can change your class when you reach level five, as I mentioned above. After you reach you have to wait until level fifty before you can change your desired class again.

Synthesis – Here you can put those extra items and materials to good use. You can turn any extra materials into different items if you have enough for the correct recipe. You can create Consumables, Accessories, and the ability to customize your weapon.

BlackSmith – Here you can strengthen and evolve your weapons or armor for a certainty amounts of G’s and sacrifice of whatever item you want to use to evolve your weapon or armor. Strengthening your weapons and armor makes it more easier to defend yourself if you’re on a quest or if you’re in a Players Vs Player battle.

Now, to the more important locations in the game….

Quests – The Quest NPC plays a major role in Avabel Online. When you talk to the Quest NPC you can accept daily and required quests. Required Quests are very important to accept, if you don’t accept and complete the required quests, you will not be able to move on to the next floor and progress through the game. Daily quests are easier quests that you can complete to collect extra Jexp. You generally collect Jexp each time when you defeat a monster, but accepting quests will also give you more Jexp . Jexp is used to level up certain skills you have depending on your class. The more Jexp points you have, the more you can upgrade your class skills. It’s always good to check your Jexp points regularly that way you can upgrade your skills when you have enough.

Missions – Here you can accept different missions which you can see how many monsters you can defeat in the shortest amount of time. You can either go solo or team up with other players.

Dungeon – Here you can go on adventure in the dungeons where you can defeat monsters until you find the boss of the dungeon. You can also play in a offline dungeon if you’re on the of and don have access to Wifi.

Transfer Guide – The transfer guide can transport you to different floors that you complete by accepting quests. Of course, you’ll have to spend a certain amount of G’s to be transported to the selected floor. You can also change your main base too.

Arena – Do you like you to battle other things than monsters? If so, then this is place for you! The Arena is where Player Vs Player (PVP) battles take place. You can take part in four different types of battles. TDM – Team Death Match. Here you can team up with other players and defeat the opposing team. Whichever team defeats the most players wins the battle.

L Kill – Leader Kill. In this type of battle your main objective is to kill a randomly selected leader in a team. After the leader is killed, another player will be randomly selected as the leader.

TAM – Team Annihilation Match. Your main objective is to kill the most amount of monsters before other players do. You can also attack other players on this field, too.

GDM – Guild Death Match. In a GDM each Guild is a team. The main objective of this type of match is for each to gain points by killing other Guild members. When the match is over, the Guilds are compared by how many players they killed and how many times they were killed. Up to 100 players can play. You can also spectate on all types of matches by selecting the “Spectate” feature on the side of a PVP match that is taking place.

As you can see, there’s plenty of things you can do in Avabel Online which should bring you plenty hours of enjoyment. One of the best things about Avabel is the 3D graphics and the music. Each floor had a different music tune. Each floor of Avabel has amazing music which will sometimes draw you in the game or almost make you fall asleep from the peacefulness of the music. It’s almost similar to the music that was used in the popular anime Sword Art Online.

Avabel Online Image 2

As for the graphics, they are truly something amazing for this game considering it is for Android and IOS devices. Another thing I like about Avabel is the filtered chat box. Yes, parents, if you want something for your child to play that’s clean in the chat room,then this game pretty much covers that problem. Of course there are a few people who try to bypass the filters as much as they can, but other than that, it works pretty well. Avabel also let’s players connect with each other through a number of ways. If you wish to team up with some other players for a short time to defeat monsters, then you can either create or join a party. Party’s have shared experience points too, that way if someone kills a monster in the game, the other players in the party will receive shared experienced points which helps you level up. You can also connect with other players by adding them to your friends list. To send a friend request to another player, go to the Menu bar and touch Community, then touch friends, then enter the persons name you want to send a request to in the search bar. Please note: To send a friend request to another player, the player must be online at the time.

The controls for Avabel is fairly simple and easy to get used to. I’ve been playing it for quite a while now and in haven’t noticed anything that affects gameplay. Another thing about Avabel Online that is nice, is the Twitter chat feature. While you’re in Avabel playing, you can send out tweets to your Twitter account. This makes it nice for in-game live tweeting.

The only thing I honestly didn’t like that much in Avabel is the loading times and random app crashes. This is expected with a game this large running on a mobile device, though. Asobimo, Inc has been improving their service since the game was released in English. They are creating updates for the game that speeds up loading time and adds new items. I’m hoping to see a lot more features added to Avabel over time, but for free, I’m very happy with the game.

My score for Avabel Online is…

Gameplay – 96%
Graphics – 80%
Story – 25%
Re-playability – 93%
In game sound / music 98%
Fun factor – 76%
Addictive- 74%

Overall Score 8/10

Publisher – Asobimo Inc
Category – Games.
Price = Free. App Store. Also available on Android mobile devices.

If you need anymore help with this game, you can contact me on Twitter at @Master_James_. If you wish to download it right now from the App Store, please click —>THIS LINK<— Thanks for reading gamers, until next time!


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