Geeklife: Well Hello Steambox!

Two days ago, I was talking about Valve’s surprising announcement of a new Linux based OS called  SteamOS. Today as the 2nd announcement rolled into place, it was the long awaited Valve hardware Steambox… Kind of.

The second announcement named Hardware Beta is now viewable on Valve’s Steam website. Valve has now revealed that SteamOS will be available at not one, but many different living room devices, not just ones possibly manufactured by them.

Livingroom machines Valve

Now the device that runs SteamOS  will not be released until 2014 (actually that’s pretty darn closer than I expected), however these are developed by various other manufacturers. For the device manufactured by Valve, it looks like we have to wait because they are still testing the hardware to make sure consumers get the perfect sense of it. About 300 lucky gamers will get the chance to try the hardware of Valve in it’s Beta phase THIS YEAR! The lucky gamers are chosen randomly (except for about 30) to take the hardware beta into their hands AND share with everyone online on Steam Universe.

None of the devices were shown on the website yet, but as the time comes, we will have it with us. For worried gamers, Valve answered some questions that worry many of us. Valve assured that Steam will continue to be used and developed for on PC (for those who don’t want to make the move to the new devices) as they have for the past 10 years. Valve also revealed that the SteamOS devices are being made by different manufacturers and thus they have different specs so you can choose what fits you, and your wallet best. Another small note to add is that you can use your mouse and keyboard on the devices if you want, but the OS is well developed for the use of the controller.

For casual consumers I think you’ll be buying one of the devices released with Steam OS and have no problems at all. For more experienced gamers, we can have the OS put on any device we make for ourselves, and the OS is coming soon so get your game, on!

With only one announcement yet to come, and such a small article will not be adored by my lovely readers, I think the time is right to discuss the third announcement which HAS to be… GAMES!

halflife controller valve shop

What comes into mind for a Valve announcement at first? Let me do the math! This is the third announcement, we are all pretty damn sure it is games, well what can they possibly have? What can they possibly leave? When will we ever experience the day that every gamer will jump of joy, scream out of pleasure and proudly say HALF LIFE 3 CONFIRMED!

Oh how I want this to happen, time is flying and none of us are getting any younger now are we? The announcement can be anything and we all want it to be games, heck I won’t mind if this is the only one. The odds are now tied on one Friday, will this be it? Will our dreams come true? Call me mad, but I won’t be disappointed if they don’t announce it, I know that Valve won’t disappoint us and WILL reveal something great. Whether it is Half Life 3, Left 4 Dead 3 or maybe even Portal 3, I will raise my invisible hat and proudly say, thank you Valve!

Thanks for reading gamers, make sure you come here on Friday again as I will be writing an article about Valve’s third announcement. Oh! Did you read our special new monthly article? I know you’ll love it! —>PRESS HERE<—. Also please follow me on twitter for @GameOnGamerGuy. Add me on Steam gamerguy321. Until next time…



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