Geeklife: Foodtastic Days!

Geeky stuff are our specialty over here, but it feels good to leave that base for fun every now and then. I did some observations on articles everyone adored and I found the ones you loved!

m&m packet

I’ve noticed that the off-geeky subject articles that got attention the most is food. Come to think about it, any gamer who has a snack by his side feels a whole lot better. Any person watching a movie and eating popcorn feels a whole lot better. I wasn’t surprised that food related articles got attention. I felt something strange, I noticed that these little snacks we have from time to time cheer us up more than a girlfriend (maybe just sometimes), but we never notice that, have you?

This is why I decided that each month, I will have a special foodtastic article in a special foodtastic way. I will have an article about my snack of the month, the one I enjoyed the most and it will be on every 24th of each month, just like today!

Before I tell you what September’s special foodtastic snack is, I hope you read the two popular articles if you haven’t already!

Blogging Snacks!

Blogging We Need Some Snacks

Hmm, I guess I didn’t name them right, or did I? Now let me take the pleasure of revealing the snack of September!

Oh humanity is suffering under the hands of Mars, Inc. the makers of many tasty treats of which this one is my favorite! I never really noticed it, but every time before my weekly football match I buy a two snacks, but last time, I only got one, and it was M&Ms!

Yesterday at the mall, my mom and I were doing some house shopping (into which my dad and I later took a run for it to the Burger’s restaurant… A restaurant that actually sells nothing BUT burgers). I wanted so many darn things from Oreo to Kitkat, but I once I laid eyes on the big pack of M&Ms… It all went blank.

m&m characters

One of the things that helps M&Ms get to people’s mind is the funny characters in which each represents its own flavour. Red for milk chocolate, yellow for peanut, blue for Almond and so on. It’s a tasty treat, but from today’s experience I think you shouldn’t get a big pack and decide to eat a big whole of it at once, a couple of munches from time to time. You should also NEVER leave it outside the fridge because its melt is never good for you… Or maybe just me.

Now let’s take a couple of looks at this foodtastic treat then you will probably run to the store and buy a small pack, aren’t you?

m&m surronded by choclate bars m&m LOTS m&m cookie

I don’t know about you, but I think this big packet will stay next to me for a while! What do you think should be the next foodtastic treat? Well whatever it is, thanks a lot for reading, until next time…



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