Geeklife: Introducing… SteamOS

Today, not so long ago, Steam’s first announcement of the three promised has been revealed to being an unexpected one at all. Gabe Newell was nothing but proud of his love for Linux for some time now and today he showed it a lot more!

Valve announced something we now know as SteamOS. A new operating system for living room devices based from the somewhat well known Linux and the awesome gaming experience that Steam gives gamers. It’s clear from what the website indicates that the OS won’t just be for one device, Valve is letting manufacturers have it on their devices for free.

SteamOS living room

After reading the link over and over, I’m now caught up on what the OS is, and what it’s going to be.

Let’s say we have a device, this device -like a console- connects to a T.V. Like any device, it needs to have an OS, and this one has SteamOS. This operating system is based around the game client Steam in which it’s all about the games and it’s tailored just for the T.V. This way you’ll be playing your Windows/Mac Steam games on the new OS. Of course it’s not just playing the games, you can connect with your friends and do everything that Steam offers.

All this means that Steam is only shaping up to be the ultimate gaming shaping for everyone. You can use it on a PC/Mac, and soon in the living room. Valve promises SteamOS evolving, and the way Steam changed from 2003 and up till now, SteamOS might become the ultimate decision for everyone.

The OS already has hundreds of great games already running natively on it. It will also have superior cloud support, not only for saving game files, but for cross-platform cloud work for automatic downloads, picking up where you left off whatever the platform running the OS is.

For a person like me, the only downside is that I have a really slow internet connection (which isn’t Valve’s fault) and I won’t be able to play the games I have on the T.V unless I can move my game files to the machine, however Valve noted that the there is no need to worry about storage thanks to cloud, meaning games can only be played with a stable (and fast) internet connection.

Thanks for reading gamers, I hope you’ll be here tomorrow for the a special article that I’m pretty sure not only gamer, but also geeks will really love! Until then…


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