Geek Life: Not-So-Cartoon Reviews – My top 10 favorite Disney Animated Movies

I’m gonna say this right away I am not including Pixar movies, that is a list (and several reviews) for another day. Okay now that that’s out of the way I think I speak for everyone when I say Disney (especially their animated movies) were/are a big part of everyone’s childhood. The magic and whimsy brought by Disney is something I admire to this day. Many of these movies were based on mythology, classic novels, and fairy tales, and it was Walt Disney himself who wanted to share some of his favorite stories by doing what he does best, making cartoons. The animations he brought from it in my opinion are timeless, and the technology and attention to detail are what makes the best cartoons. I only have three honorable mentions this time and those mentions are The Emperor’s New Groove, Mulan, and the Hunch Back of Notre Dame. So here we go here are my top 10 favorite Disney Animated Movies (commenters don’t hurt me!).


10. Fantasia 1 & 2

The concepts and beauty of the animations in the Fantasia series is what makes these movies so special to me. It had some of Disney’s greatest moments like the famous Yen Sid and Mickey sketch. Watching great animated stories being told by nothing but instrumental music is a very beautiful art form and shows what the world of animation is capable of.


9. Peter Pan

Peter Pan shows a great deal of imagination and has a great message about growing up. This movie has a lot of heart and Neverland is such an uplifting world that really helps the viewer care about the main protagonists. Peter Pan shows that you should always have the spirit and innocence of a child, but it shouldn’t stop you from taking responsibility and grow up into an adult full of wonder and belief.


8. Alice in Wonderland

Alice in Wonderland has such amazing visuals and excellently explores the world inside the mind of a little girl. Drug references aside this movie had such grace to it that really made the viewer interested in what is happening. The characters are memorable and every little thing that happened to Alice kept the viewers at the edge of their seat.


7. Pinocchio

I love this movies because of its famous Disney message of making wishes and working for them to come true. Watching the life of Pinocchio and the cast of characters come together (including Jiminy Cricket, my favorite Disney character ever) to help Pinocchio learn what it is like to be a real boy. Like many Disney films, Pinocchio has so much depth to it that sends good messages for viewers of all ages. Pinocchio was a hunk of wood that came to life, and he is discovering what being a human being is all about and what the human race is like. Watching Pinocchio making his dreams come true is great to see, and When You Wish Upon a Star is still one of the greatest pieces of music in the Disney Universe.


6. Tarzan

Tarzan had a great mix of action, character development, and light hearted humor. Tarzan is such a great story to tell and the exploration of man vs beast is a great concept. The movie was well structured, and watching Tarzan being the bridge between man and animal really does make the concept of human life pretty interesting.


5. Wreck-It-Ralph

I fell in love with this movie within my first viewing. I had high expectations for this movie and they were satisfied. The video game angle I was happy to see not taken advantage of. The movie had a great focus on the protagonists and their stories, and I love the concept of a “bad guy” exploring his roles in life and finding his place in the world. The movie is all about acceptance and earning respect and I find that to be a great message told in a fun way. Disney doesn’t do CGI movies very often, but here they nailed it.


4. Hercules

Hercules along with an amazing soundtrack was both funny and easy to invest in. The characters were fun, the story was fun, and the animation was fun. This movie had a great balance between the fun and the serious moments that combined into a great plot. Hercules showed a lot about what makes a hero, by accepting who they are, finding where they belong, and putting others before themselves.


3. Beauty and the Beast

This movie shows a lot about humility, love, and intelligence. Belle is definitely the best and brightest of all the Disney Princesses. Having her paired with her polar opposite The Beast created an elegant story with so much to say. The environments were excellently done and the story was very well put together. It was truly a perfect fit for Disney.


2. The Lion King

How could this movie not be up on this list? This movie had everything going for it, and for the time it was also a very risky movie for Disney to have. Scar is the best Disney Villain and his actions create a great story for the development and life of the protagonist Simba. It’s honestly tough to put it in words except for the fact that this movie had a lot going for it, and it is just an unforgettable experience.


1. The Jungle Book

What makes me love this movie is that in my opinion every aspect about it is perfectly done. I loved the theme, the music, the plot, the characters, the atmosphere, and the story. This is one of the oldest of the Disney Movies, yet it still remains timeless and fresh. I can’t express enough my interest in every characters goals and aspirations. Each character is a fully fleshed out person that together make a great experience. Also without spoiling anything, the ending is such a satisfying moment when all is said and done, and the interaction at the end didn’t even need much dialogue. I love those moments in animation where there are no words, it really shows the power of animation and the story telling it is capable of.

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