GeekLife: 6 Thing We LOVE About Pokémon X & Y

Oh I can’t wait for Pokémon X and Pokémon Y, it’s also probably neither can you. It has been a long wait, but well worth everything we wanted to see so let’s get going!

Pokémon Bank

Before talking about all the big additions people are probably going crazy about right now for, I wanted to start with the feature many will probably ignore. Here are the reason why you won’t.

Pokemon Bank Pokemon XY

Every trainer spends lots of time catching and training his beloved Pokémon, but the problem is that you love them so much that no one wants to see them go, especially the best on the team, that is why if you have another system, you can transfer your well trained Pokémon from Platinum to Black to Black 2. That was a big problem to me, but now with the introduction of Pokémon Bank?! NO MORE!

Pokémon Bank is a 3DS application that allows you to deposit and withdraw your Pokémon online in boxes just like in the Pokémon Center PCs, what does that mean? Now I can finally transfer my almighty and powerful Blaziken right into Pokémon X or Y game (didn’t choose which yet). No need for having to trade with douches who want Bidoof for a level 1 Zekrom, nor having to satisfy the online douche that just LOVES showing me all his shiny Pokémon when I show him one he has, then leaves. Thanks to Game Freak, now I can pass my Pokémon to my children and grandchildren, and they can pass to theirs, and that means having something to give other than a house after I die.

Super Training

Of course battling is the best way for your Pokémon to grow stronger, we could also give them special items for that too, but now we have something more simple, more fun and a whole lot cooler! Super training allows you to raise your Pokémon’s base stats (attack, defense, speed…), and not the levels. This means that super trained Pokémon grow stronger than Pokémon that grow only by leveling up., of course you have a limit to using super training on each stat of each Pokémon.

Geodude in Super Training Pokemon XY Super Training effort-o-meter Pokemon XY

We also have The Effort-o-Meter that allows you to have a better look on how much the Pokémon has improved. The green part shows the stat levels relevant to each Pokémon species and the yellow part shows the base stat increases that your Pokémon has achieved through Super Training! This means that you’ll be having tougher battles, not only with the trainers in-game, but also with the ones online.

Pokémon Amie

I can strongly say that I saw this feature coming, maybe not this way exactly, but when Junichi Masuda said that he’s experimenting new ways for the trainer to have his bonds with the Pokémon increase their connection, I knew we’re going to have it!

Pikachu in Pokemon XY Pokemon Amie feature

Pokémon Amie allows you to bond with your Pokémon by feeding or playing with them, but that isn’t just for that you see, if you do the right things for you Pokémon and actually manage making it like you. The Pokémon will open up to you in battles, making it a bit tougher, letting it land more critical hits and god knows what else.

New Battles

Encountering a horde of Tauros Pokemon XY More horde encounters Pokemon XY

Not only do we have a new Pokémon type, but we also have new battle types too. First of all, the biggest change when encountering a wild Pokémon and not a trainer for battle is something called horde encounter. Here you’ll have one Pokémon fighting about 5 or maybe even 6 Pokémon. I think this will really make you question the type of moves you want your Pokémon to use, right?

Sky Battle Pokemon XY

The new trainer battle is a matter of strategy this time even more than the spinning floor one. It’s also not more numbers to have to battle like triple and double battle, this is called Sky Battle. In Sky battle you can only use Pokémon who are able to fly, that adds one heck of depth to your party.

New Ways To Evolve

We have many ways to evolve a Pokémon, some by leveling up, some by stones and some by love. Today as I was browsing the official site of Pokémon  X and Pokémon Y, I noticed that the evolution of Pancham to Pangoro is something new, and it’s NOT mega evolution so what could it be? I think we should keep a close eye on this one ;).

Pancham Pokemon XYPangoro Pokemon XY

Mega evolution for start isn’t a regular evolution like Charmander–>Charmeleon–>Charizard or Magikarp–>Gyrados, in fact it has nothing to do with those I talked about earlier. It’s something all new, all better and all cooler. During a battle a Pokémon, a Pokémon that can mega evolve will have to hold the mega stone of itself like Lucarionite (Lucario–nite), Blazikenite (Blazike–nite) and in-battle only, you can use the mega ring that you, yourself has equipped and let the specific Pokémon mega evolve.

Mega Garchomp Pokemon XY

Mega evolved Pokémon have MUCH stronger stats, and some even have different abilities. Take Garchomp for instance, if it holds Garchompnite (not really sure if it’s the name of the stone he has), it will mega evolve into Mega Garchomp whose ability changes from Sand Veil to Sand Force. Its attack and Sp. Attack also increases greatly while speed is lowered. Once the battle is done, Mega Garchomp will go back to its original state as Garchomp.

Right now I mostly see complains about the designs of these Pokémon, but it’s actually understandable that they go with this kind of design for a feature that is meant for power. I myself like a couple while hated others, but certainly doesn’t take a good part of the game out.


Player Search System (PSS)

Instead of going to the Pokémon Center to access battles, PSS allows you to do it right from your touch screen. You can use GTS directly when not in battle to trade Pokémon. The first part of the PSS  that comes to mind is Holo Caster which lets you talk to the professor or your friends, but they appear as a hologram. The thing is that we don’t know if we can use this to talk with people on our friends list, we know they won’t appear as a hologram in front of us, but they can use the inner camera, the 3D visuals and the holographic effects don’t you think?

 Holo caster use in-game Pokemon XY

Instead of going to the Pokémon Center to access battles, now you can use PSS’s Battle Spot to find an online opponent and start a battle which means easier ways to connect with your friends and probably everyone else playing this game in the world.

O-Powers Pokemon XY

Another great addition through the PSS is O-Power which help you progress through your adventure, and it looks like they’re replacing items like X- Attack, X-Special.  You use them with energy points in which each need it’s own quantity of energy.

Shout outs from PSS Pokemon XY

The best thing to note is how it acts a social log with people you have on your friend list, people you challenged or traded with online, and even a streetpass passerby. These are only some of the many features revealed for Pokémon X and Pokémon Y up till now. Both the games are set for a release on October 12th so thanks for reading gamers, until next time…



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