GeekLife: Hype Days Ahoy! Pokémon X & Y Are Close

Let me go with a fast story of how I started my gaming life all thanks to Pokémon, but even though I really want to talk about it, there’s something much more important right now! This “something” is every Pokémon fan has been dreaming of, waiting for and it certainly happened.

When Nintendo announced a special Pokémon Nintendo Direct, speculations rose above and beyond, maybe not for many people, but for die-hard Pokémon trainers? Oh it was a one way ticket to heaven. We were afraid that it’s going to be another event because that did happen about a month earlier on Pokémon Smash, even popular news websites suggested that it probably just another event. Everyone was waiting for the moment Nintendo Direct is on air, I myself wanted this to be a special day so I hooked my laptop with an HDMI  cable right to the flat screen tv and watched it as if it was a show!

The start of the direct had Iwata talking about how it all started and how every game had more multiplayer support than the other, we all knew that this means a new Pokémon game, but what’s next? Iwata is still talking, my Twitter feed was filled with tweets (well daa) about what could this be? Everyone knows we won’t get a core Pokémon game on a console so it has to be a 3DS game, and he didn’t say a word about the spin-off titles like Pokémon Stadium, Pokémon Rumble…

It was a tough wait, not that Iwata is boring, but there is something we wanted to hear so bad that I’m pretty sure no one would want to miss it! Is this it? Is this the day? That moment my friends, when Iwata wanted us to watch a video up close…


Those are probably only half the reactions I had after watching the video. While watching this video, I wanted to scream, shout and cry, but then I’d miss some of the video and I didn’t want that to happen. Pokémon is popular everywhere, but where I live, it’s a thing of the past for many, mainly because they don’t know what this is, I got many people into the game, but that is of course after they played it and realized it’s not for kids, heck I don’t understand EVs and IVs that much, but thanks to wikis now I do (and if you happen to not know them, no EV does not many evolution). Some of the players didn’t like how it’s clearly 2D because just like everyone, we want to see Pokémon in 3D because we love them! I’ve always dreamt of the battles being like those of Pokémon Stadium and Battle Revolution, but I want to go catch them too, not just sit around picking rented Pokémon and fight.

Finally the dream comes true, the adventure awaits and we’re all getting it the same time so no Japanese spoilers will bug us every now and then. Thanks for reading everyone, join me in my next article in the coming days (maybe even today!) as I talk about the changes and additions Pokémon X and Pokémon Y have in store for trainers. Until then …


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