GeekLife: Burnout Paradise Early Look

You can see by the title, or the featured image on the desktop screen homepage that I’m going to talk about a racing game (If you didn’t see any of that then I’m glad you just read this) which I got alongside Origin’s Humble Bundle that ended about a week ago or so, but I wasn’t able to download it till… Well the time being, which I think is Friday

.Lots o Burnout

Burnout Paradise is developed by Criterion games and published by EA on January 2008 for the Xbox 360 and PS3, then released in February 2009 for the PC as Burnout Paradise: The Ultimate Box. The game received high scores from all reviewers loving the open world decisions in a race.

As the download finished I wasn’t excited a bit to play this game because of the racing genre being boring and unstable to me, but my friend, who also got it from the Humble Bundle wanted to play it together online so I took the time and started playing. Looking at what started, I know all racing games have amazing graphics which is great because everyone loves seeing a perfectly detailed trunk, but what the game is what I want. Games like Need For Speed start in a way that makes me feel out, giving you annoying driving skills at the start which means nothing appealing to a newcomer (actually a 6 years haven’t played any game from the series-comer), but Burnout Paradise is different. Explained everything I need to know in a good manner of ways. You didn’t have to read every word, only listen. And the tutorial was appealing because no one really wants to read -or hear- a 50 minutes tutorial about how to steer.

But we do want to see more wrecks and crashes! ;)

But we do want to see more wrecks and crashes! 😉

First I was given a somewhat -TOTALLY- smashed car that is supposedly perfect for me. Then you’re sent to a repair shop, repair the car, learn how to use some nitrous (call it what you want, but I’m sticking with this name) and how to fill it up in the fuel shop. After finishing that, you’re given the option to do everything! Explore the open world of the game, discover shortcuts, find the rest of the 5 total junk yards and most importantly… RACE!

Racing shines really bright in here (well since it’s a racing game it should be, but me hear me out first) because as the racing destination is shown, you can go wherever you like, take the road of shortcuts, or take the highway, whatever feels most necessary to reach the goal. Upon winning an event, you’ll unlock another step forward (actually backwards by number counts) to upgrading your license which surprisingly makes you feel better about yourself. I’ve enjoyed all events that include other racers in them, reaching a destination with a timer on your head is not fun, but taking down powerful cars by using human brains against their AI-ish brain is quite alluring to our psychotic minds.

My bike! Burnout

Bikes can also be driven here, but they’re not as fun as driving cars. A noticeable aspect I saw is the specifications each car has, you won’t be spending time on editing your car’s engine or outside layout -which I miss from other games so very much-, but you’ll mostly notice that speed isn’t important as the strength so that it can take as many hits as possible.

The soundtrack of the game is a delight and you’ll love hearing it throughout the harsh and long road, and there’s one thing I hated about the game, it’s the day & night cycle. Always cool to race at a night where the motor voices can be heard clearly, but the thing is that I always find myself waiting for an event between a time and another telling me to come later which can take up to 5 minutes of real time.

That's what happens when I'm angry... and waiting

That’s what happens when I’m angry… and waiting

I still have to through the rest of the game, but it looks like this (aside of online play) is everything so thanks for reading gamers, until next time…


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