GeekLife: I LOVE Assault Android Cactus

Days have been weak with articles over here, but that is all to getting things straight because of school starting on the 30th of this month for me, after that (even when school starts) everything will be fine so I hope you will stay supportive on the road.

When I was browsing through games on Steam, something shined right through my eyes, a unique artstyle of an indie game I just let eyes on. As I entered to look at the screenshots and trailers from within the page, all I saw was a really cool name that really was the reason I waited till everything loaded. Watching the trailer of a cute character giving firing hell to robots that just fill up every bit of the screen in an incredible way. I couldn’t help but google about it, but to a shock finding that it doesn’t have many links I would usually see for a game.

Assault Android Cactus Start

The moment of shock didn’t really stop me, it doesn’t have to be AAA so that a gamer would play it. As I got back to its store page on Steam, the best thing I laid eyes on was a downloadable demo. So I got through the download -Which is surprisingly small by the way- and opened the game to start playing. The best thing I saw was that it has full controllers support which makes it a lot easier to browse through it. First I was playing with this green haired cutie named Cactus in a tutorial.

Playing the tutorial I got a decent number of enemies to use some bullets against, or if facing a powerful enemy, the flamethrower is the way to go, and keeping hold of Cactus’s battery (Well she’s an Android). The tutorial introduced me to the gameplay without tiring me about it with ideas on how to play for advanced players, they did a good job at not making you angry learning how to use the controller.

Assault Android Cactus Character Lemon

After finishing the tutorial it was to time to get my hands on real gameplay! I don’t remember exactly, but I think the tutorial had 5 levels which at first look you think you can beat them in… 10 minutes perhaps? How long can 5 levels take, right?  As soon as you pick one of the four available characters, you’ll pick the stage and start playing.

The level starts with you firing at a couple of enemies in an elevator themed stage and once you get the hang of the first couple you’ll have tens of robots right at your face crawling to scratch your insides and make them outsides (not really, they don’t show you that so don’t worry about your son playing this) with other annoying ones firing bullets at you from everywhere, next thing your HP is down, get up but lose some of the Android’s battery and keep up until either winning the stage or losing.

Assault Android Cactus Lots of robots

My first thoughts when I saw enemies increasing every second was… like this… Oh SHIT! Ima beat you! Ima beatya! … I’m beat! Then as I got up, I thought of doing something, the tutorial told me to use the secondary weapon against larger enemies and when it’s really important because it unlike the main weapon, it needs to recharge, So I got my flamethrower right out and burned tons of robots, of course only to have more up my side attacking me, it really felt like a strategic moment because it was incredibly fun! Got to the end of the level and beat all the robots, the end was… Daaaaaaaaaaaaamn that was AWESOME!!!! And really this is not something I would say about just any game that way because it felt different.

Now that I’m back at the menu I thought about changing the character, after all I have three others to choose so I saw the main and secondary weapons they have which are really helpful for the way you want to play. I find myself comfortable with everyone, and actually some have their own traits at a certain level, especially boss battles. The most comfortable for a beginner I see is Holly thanks to her main weapon going reaching enemies automatically, and the secondary being so powerful. Later I see advanced players using Coral and Lemon the most.

Assault Android Cactus Finishing a stage

As I picked the character I want, I wanted to play the next level, but actually I ended up playing the same on purpose of mastering it… A little. To note it my theory, characters are really important because I saw myself losing at the same stage with a character because she wasn’t as comfortable as the others, then when I played the other one, I found that character suiting me there. You’ll want to try the four characters at each level to see who can help the most.

Assault Android Cactus Losing

The idea of losing at a stage is kind of different. If your HP falls, you can still get up and continue, however you take a portion out of your battery, and for more details, it’s all about the battery to survive, even though you’ll be firing all you’ve got out of the robots, you’ll find later a big need to watching where and how you shoot so that it doesn’t take off battery at an unnecessary move, of course enemies will drop battery fills from time to time, but that won’t matter if you keep firing willy nilly.

As a matter of fact, I never beat the whole demo because I wanted to buy the game SO BAD! And it wasn’t until the next day that I did that. As I started playing and reached the boss level, I lost so many times thanks to the battery, so I just kept memorizing the boss’s strategy with attacks, got my aim with the second stick right and kicked the hell out of him. Something I liked the most is the local co-op which can be up to four players and personally I haven’t tried it yet, but I will! The best thing to know is that the game is still in early access, which means that improvements are yet to come -maybe online co-op for instance?-, and for instance we now have leaderboards that really make the game A LOT more competitive for gamers, and an endless battle mode and other things yet to come.

Assault Android Cactus Leaderboard

You’ll want to buy this game, it really looks like a classic arcade game, it plays like an arcade game, but feels different. Keeping everything plain and simple then strategic and aggressive later. The game (aside of the demo) has 25 levels in the campaign and two more modes coming too. Assault Android Cactus is also making its way to Wii U, PS4 and PS Vita, but that is only in 2014 as the full game, early access is only available on PC for $15.

Thanks for reading everyone, check out the game on the official website, follow them on twitter @AndroidCactus and like their facebook page. Until next time…



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