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I rarely talk about technology things as in hardware, mostly here it’s all about games mainly because I  have more interest in such things. However, the idea is that even games are technological things, and consoles are too, but… Well… I REALLY WANT TO TALK ABOUT THIS so please keep reading :D.

I’m pretty sure every gamer has this dream of being in the game, not just creating your character and editing everything about him, we want better things, we want to be in these magical worlds created, take the Pokémon world for example. Take Castle of Illusion for instance, what about Hyrule? The Mushroom Kingdom? Vice City (Maybe not exactly)? We all like a certain game and just dream about being in one. Well with what we’re looking at right now, this is as close it gets to being in somewhere.

The Oculus Rift is a virtual reality head mounted display. To put it in direct words, you will play a game on your PC, put the headset on (of course if the game supports it) and play using the Xbox 360 controller, a very comfortable way. Now it’s most probably that everyone knows about this, but to those who don’t, no this isn’t just a fashionable way to play games. When you put the headset on, the virtual reality effects come to your mind. What the VR (Virtual reality) actually does is show you the in game world instead of a screen AND acts as it’s your eyes. It’s hard putting it into words so lets just take a look at the video down below.

Right there you see the famous Youtube star Pewdiepie as he got an Oculus Rift from the developers and playing a game for the first time. I think hearing his words is more explanatory than reading them. What the Oculus Rift does is make you feel like you’re in the game, and just watching many videos, reading about it and truly everything is an absolutely immersive to a way that you won’t feel what you’re really doing.

The real idea of this is to be everywhere, maybe console manufacturers won’t be supporting this just for the fact that they can do one (There are rumors Sony is working on a virtual reality headset too). At least PC gamers will get a load at this beauty.

Being on a PC will be so great for everyone because almost every gamer has a PC, and almost all PC gamers have an Xbox 360 controller or really “a” controller at his house so this will be amazing. Taking the games into theory, you already watched the Pewdiepie playing this kind of crazy game that takes full advantage of the Virtual Reality in-game. When you put it on, you won’t be looking at the screen, you’ll be looking everywhere around you, with your own head and your own eyes just trying to see every aspect of this. Now take another look at this video right here!

BEHOLD! For the first time I think that after this, people will be happy to have nightmares all thanks to this. Imagine the capabilities of such a device just being in your hands (well on your head really), this will be the highlight for so many people! I think horror and 3D platformers will take a big look into this, but it will be awesome to see what it brings out of developers.

For those who want to get their heads stuck all day in this you might be disappointed to know that a release date is yet to be revealed, but don’t you worry because the consumer version has already been shown in E3 2013 in June which stands as a powerful 1080p version, which is actually what the developers had in mind already for the version they wanted to release, and the reception it got is fantastic from EVERYONE. Now as I count the numbers, it looks like the developers are pretty darn close to release since the hardware is now what they want it to be, I’m pretty sure the wait is to get more numbers done, and more games on it. A Q3 2014 release looks most probable so that they can test improvements a bit more.

Of course developers need kits to develop for this so the company is sending dev kits for $300 and many already got this, and many others are also still ordering them. For developer knowledge, there is also a specific SDK to develop for the Oculus itself so that it can be integrated in the right way for the device.

The next step into gaming and more importantly into the game is closer than you think, and it’s cheaper than you think too! Hardware has gone a bit cheaper so this was the perfect time to start and what a way it is! I’ll be picking up a consumer version at this point since I don’t have the right programming and designing skills yet, but I really can’t wait another second! Thanks for reading everyone, until next time…



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