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We all have dreams, while they’re usually things we can’t have thanks to our human mortality, the others are just things we want to accomplish in real life. Lots of my readers know that I love games, and I want to make some of my own (Well I’ve been mentioning it in about every article). No gamer would deny the fact that he wants his game ideas alive, or maybe the superb technological excellence we think of all the time.

If you’re anything like me then you must have spent hours, maybe days searching for something that helps you develop a game, or even be close to doing it, while I do have some real game projects I’m working on, before all this happened I met the Apple Store, to be more precise I met the one and only… Game Dev Story.

Game Dev Story, a game developed by a company called Kairosoft puts you in a pixelated world where you take the role of the president of a new video games company that hires huge talents to develop the game you want to see published. The idea alone will take lots of gamers indoors, but the thing is that it expands the idea just a bit more. Game Development isn’t just about choosing the name and making your employees work because as you go through the development of the game, it’ll have parts you need to make sure are understandably good, not just genre and type, but also how to put each part of development, design and everything else. How good the game is? That depends on how many points it has for every part, how much work has gotten into it. Eventually you’ll be able to do contract work for money, make a toilet shaped console and so on.

Game Dev Tycoon Start in the 80s

Game Dev Tycoon is developed by a newborn company called GreenHeart games, in fact this is their first and yet only game released. The development started out with two brothers Patrick & Daniel Klug who’s been working in the software industry for over 10 years. After playing Kairosoft’s awesome game, they were left thinking of the possibilities that can make this game improve, in fact everybody thought about it, but to the recent time they’re the only ones that did it perfectly, and better!

Game Dev Tycoon isn’t a rip off, in fact the developers said that it’s inspired by none other than Kairosoft’s Game Dev Story. The game takes the simulation process and improves everything about it, not just that, but also giving it much better elements that just can’t be denied in any sort of way. Something that can’t be denied is how the game takes control of the genre, gamers now ignore most of the simulation genre because of how most developers make them, take Facebook for an example, the main reason gamers look down on simulation games is the way developers milk every cent out of your wallet. Sure you can ignore this one platform, but recently other developers started doing the same thing, but on consoles, and some even move it over to other genres which is just NOT RIGHT AT ALL! Of course the casual audience doesn’t care about the 60 minutes they’ll spend, but I do (and I’m pretty sure most of you know who this company is).

The developers here are big fans of the genre, and what they do saves it in every way because people who decide to buy this game will notice the difference between having to invite a friend or pay some cash to continue through your game’s progress. Another clever thing the developers did was after releasing the game to the store, they needed to do something to the hackers who will pirate the game later online. Just as the game was out, they released a different version of the game to the most popular website torrents website, but of course with a twist. No one would bare dig his own grave with his hands, what they did was showing the pirates who download an illegal copy the treat they deserve. The cracked version’s twist was a little addition, to the game in which the more popular your company is, the worse. As soon as you release a hit game, lots of pirating will hit this game and this earn a lot less into which the company will eventually bankrupt.

Game Dev Tycoon Ppirating talk

The irony of the treat is what you see above, however this showed how much gamers now don’t care about the people who worked on this game. What’s even worse? The game was somewhat a hit, but was it a good hit? For the players it was, but maybe not for the developers so take a look why.

Game Dev Tycoon cracked and legal comparison


That is only after one day of release, take another look, now take a look at your mirror and think, if you made a game, would you accept this happening to you?! Well the response of the developer couldn’t be anymore respectful:

To the players who played the cracked version!

I’m not mad at you. When I was younger, downloading illegal copies was practically normal but this was mostly because global game distribution was in its infancy. To be fair, there are still individuals who either can’t make a legal purchase because of payment-issues or who genuinely cannot afford the game. I don’t have a quarrel with you. To the rest who could afford the game consider this:

  1. Would you like to see a bigger/better sequel of Game Dev Tycoon in the future? Buy the game!Creating this game was already expensive and this was just a small game. If we ever want to make a bigger/better version we need a lot of support!
  2. Do you hate the trend towards social or pay-to-play free games? Buy games from independent developers! (start with ours :) )
  3. Do you hate the recent trends in the industryBuy DRM free games.

We are not wealthy and it’s unlikely that we will be any time soon, so stop pretending like we don’t need your 8 dollars! We are just two guys working our butts off, trying to start our own game studio to create games which are fun to play.

The game is DRM free, you can use it on up to three of your computers for your own use, you get copies for Mac, Windows and Linux, you can continue your game before piracy wrecked your company and we even aim to provide you with a free Steam key once the game is on Steam. All for a mere 8 bucks.

Just to these words my respect to this man rises, and my hope in the game industry rises even more, there is still hope in better games, look at Steam’s indie shop for instance, take a look at Wii U’s eshop for a moment, I’m glad we still have such companies with us. Now to talk about what the game really is, I prefer you try the demo and please don’t search for a cracked version because you’ll end up bankrupt like all the others. I will probably review this game once I get deeper into its Steam update (Played it about a month ago) so you’ll get the real deal anyway then. Thnks for reading, until next time…


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