GeekLife: Go Super With Saints Row IV

Today is my lucky day, I woke up early to eat breakfast, and since it’s still summer vacation and I’m not employed then I can have fun with the ton of games I have. Starting with some massive Fallout exploration, then enjoying more of Super Mario 3D Land, only to reach more and more till a certain bell was ringing and I went right to the door to open it.

Zinyak arrival Saints Row IV

It was non other than one of my close friends who’s going to Chicago in about an hour from the time I’m writing this. The thing is that he purchased non other than a title I want really bad which is the crazy open world action adventure SAINTS ROW IV! What’s going on? Well since the CD is for PC, he won’t be able to take his PC with him – Although he actually tried- So he decided to give me the game for a time that is about 10 days though I’m sure he keep it with me if I didn’t have time to finish it. Point is, he left, I ran into my bedroom, installed the game and DAAAAAAMN if you think what you’ve read about the game is crazy? You really need to check this thing out.

The story takes place with the leader of the Third Street Saints who is elected as president after 5 years of a mission to save the world. I really wanted to do presidential stuff, and at first I was able to, but what happened? Well a really crazy thing a game could have which is an alien invasion that abducts people and puts them in a digital virtual world. At first it was a really annoying 50s era, but after killing lots of cops, I was moved back to… Well virtual Steelport to kick ass. The story doesn’t end there that’s for sure, but I need to go through the rest because I’m still at 3.5 hours of gameplay.

Special sprinting

Wait! The best thing is as always GAMEPLAY. Last time you were filling your enemy gangs with rifles in the head, and hitting sexy strippers with a dildo right in their *****, that is only when you’re not flying a motorcycle from your safehouse, or any kind of AWESOME destroying machines. Actually you are, till now I saw some UFO’s I can fly and some other cool things. For me (till now) the main part of the game is the powers you have, having these powers actually makes sense because you’re in a virtual world -But who cares about reality, it’s a game! If reality was important then Luigi would have to have a special recycle bin to throw the ghosts he vacuumed- and your smart nerdy friend Kinzie is helping you out.

Wait a minute! I didn’t say what the powers are/ Well it’s nothing really, I unlocked 3 for now and I’m expanding there power, but lets see. First of all we have the speed boost and may I say the world looks beautiful as you sprint through it, I’m really not using a single car, and I don’t want to get out of the world just for that. There’s also the high jump power where you can jump off a building’s height and fall down alive, or if it was a skyscraper like then you’ll just have to do some wall jumps. Freeze your enemies and kick them to see the ice shattered all over the floor. Melee attacks still have a funny part, still have the wrestling finishers like RKO and Batista Bomb, or a low blow, you can also go Rey Mysterio, though still the moves aren’t picked by you, but being random makes it delightful to kill aliens in different ways, not that you care about it with all the powers you have.

This is just the beginning of the game and I still have to go through the rest and share anything new so make sure you check me out on twitter @GameOnGamerGuy. Thanks for reading everyone, until next time…


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