GeekLife: Enjoying COD? You Should!



Everybody knows Call of Duty, the series that’s hated by many, and loved by others, whether you’re a smartass killing machine, or just a twelve year old with a big mouth, you can’t deny loving the game, and you can’t deny wanting to get each and every single copy as they always have something you want to see.

The problem I recognize with Call of Duty ¬†games is because of being repetitive which is correct, but is there anyway that such an idea can change? The idea I want to give is that it’s a game with a story mode to work on, it has amazing graphics, the gameplay is easy and when you finish you can go online and have fun pawning people from around the world. Seems fine? You bet! The games are awesome, but their isn’t much improvements with the gameplay, I can see more modes, I can see more integration with the online community, the problem is in the battle, more weapons doesn’t mean more improvements… Wait a second! It does! This is an improvement! So the problem goes to the ability to kill, people are now used to the normal Call of Duty turns, normal kills… The thing is that we want more things we can do with what’s around us, jumping over fire is one thing, but jumping over a car is another. Taking a close range to not be fired is one thing, and the ability to jump to a near place is another, the problem as we see is within the 1st person¬†perspective¬†which everyone is bored of.¬†Being in 1st person doesn’t give lots of options to use your character’s body to attack, you just walk and use the analog stick to turn and kill your enemy, that my friends is the entire COD repetition problem.

Call of Duty Zombie mode gameplay

As I finished my English class and got home about 8:30 PM, my parents decided to visit their friends’ house, and it just so happens that these friends are the parents of my best friend so I decided to tag along. You see this friend happens to have an Xbox 360 and lots of games so it screams “FUN!” all over the house. As he turned on the console, our first game is as always Fifa 13, I have to say that my Fifa skills are hung like I never played before, and with the new EA rule of making their next generation games $70 I think I’ll be taking a rest for sometime with the series and make my to PES, here’s hoping they actually make it better.

Moving from Fifa we go to Call of ¬†Duty Black Ops 2, I’m terrible at shooting with a controller, but the 1st person view of Call of Duty is more relaxing that others. We played the hijack map a couple of times until we got super bored and went back to the menu… Wait dude! Zombies! He thought it was boring, but I made him do it anyway, after all, multiplayer makes a big difference, and this game is no substitution. We picked the survival mode, it’s the best mode out of the two you can pick, right? We got killed a handful of times thanks to not coordinating well, but as soon as we understood the term we moved from building to another, killing zombies around us, taking cover for each other, buying more guns and ammo…

More Call of Duty gameplay

The fun fact is that the Call of Duty 1st person gameplay method makes it less enjoyable, while you still have the ability to make death only by headshot, most of the surviving is done by making the right choice with weapons. Personally I hate the way you play Call of Duty, I’m more used to making sure I have quite relaxing hideout to stay, you can’t just crouch all the time and scout for zombies with your camping headshot skills. To tell you the truth, my friend didn’t like being scared by some zombies in the game so he didn’t play, his little brother did and he LOVED IT. ¬†Eventually he liked the coordination he had to discuss because it made it feel real and decided to continue.

Thanks for reading everyone, do you agree with the repetition complains, do you think Ii really did sum the problem, whatever it is make sure you mention it in the comments below, and tweet me @GameOnGamerGuy. Until next time…


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