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Last time I talked about Super Mario 3D Land I was about half way through the game so I posted an article about it to express the fact that it’s TOO DAMN EASY. Now that I’m writing the review, if it happens that you didn’t play the game, what I said last time is the best mistake I ever wrote. For the first time I couldn’t be any happier to make a mistake, read the review to find out :D.

Before I continue I would like to apologize for not posting anything in the past days, the problem was that I was camping for about 5 days, the review was going to be posted yesterday, however as I got back my laptop was… I’m pretty sure you don’t want to hear this, now let’s get back to MARIO!

Super Mario 3D Land is a joy to play, jumping on goombas and koopas never felt better on a handheld. If you’re tired of the New Super Mario Bros series and decided to leave the series, you’ll be happy to know that this is nothing like it. Okay so it’s still Peach being kidnapped, Mario going to save her from castle to castle in a level infested world with lots of goombas, and koopas, what I meant about nothing like the “New” series is in the gameplay, you still go from level to another in a world, at the end of each world you have a boss battle, and beating him sends you to the next world, that is if you have enough star coins to play the boss battle. The idea of the different gameplay is within the 3D, even though this is no Mario Galaxy, but it’s as close as it gets for a handheld title. The 3D effects are beautiful, but I stand by a word I said last time, at the time the 3DS was considered a flop, this title showed what the 3DS is all about, now that I look at the games released now, it shows about nothing, and I’m pretty sure the 3DS  has a lot more to show than what we’re looking at now.

No this not my save file... I hope it was :/

No this not my save file… I hope it was :/

The New Super Mario Bros series feels easier than older titles, the first thing is that you can save progress if that’s what people imply, and second is looking at the world in a 2D situation is much more comfortable. Now that I look closer at Super Mario 3D Land, I see a title that gets you relaxed in the first couple of worlds, and then brings out the moolah, but isn’t the game 8 worlds? Yes it is! Then why do I accept that? Well my lovely readers, as soon as you finish the 8 worlds, 8 more worlds are opened for your hardcore pleasure, and each is named “Special” instead of “World”, each special is somewhat based on the respective world –Special 1 To World 1, Special 2 to World 2-. Actually you won’t feel anything familiar. The thing is that you can always handle a couple more enemies, you can always handle a more powerful enemy, the Special levels have a piece of steak all over your plate which is a catch, sometimes you have forty seconds to beat this level, sometimes it’s a familiar face (that I won’t spoil) following you, one touch can spill the chocolate out of you.

Super Mario 3D Land also has more suits than typical Mario games, you won’t be shooting fireballs at your enemies the whole game, sometimes you’ll flying over them with your tanooki suit, and sometimes you’ll be throwing boomerangs all over Bowser’s 10 feet tall tanooki goomba.

Super Mario 3D Land With the easy level finsihers

The loser’s favorite cheat

For people who find it really hard to beat a level (no you can’t skip, this is Mario, not Cut The Rope), if you die a handful of times, a special box will fly right on the place you start only to give you a special star tanooki suit that will let you advance through the whole level without being killed except by falling, another special item is a special wing that will take you right to the finish post flag.

The Verdict

Super Mario 3D Land is an awesome game that deserves the $40 you will spend on it, even though it doesn’t pack some DLC alongside like New Super Mario Bros. 2 does, this will be your highlight for lots of days, especially if you can’t keep playing for long hours each day. The game deserves a strong 8.9/10

Thanks for reading gamers, I apologize again for the past few days, but we’re back on track, until next time…





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