GeekLife: But That’s Some of My Best Work :/

Friends and followers on twitter would know that I’m taking English courses now, the reason isn’t just because it’s not my main language because I think I’m pretty good, it’s that I’m not in a “normal” school anymore, as a matter of fact, I’m not in a school at all. Although I use the word school from time to time, but I’m actually in a vocational institution studying something I always wanted to.

All gamers dream of having their own game on the market, I do too! I’m an IT (Information Technology) student, yes that doesn’t have to do with game development by some means, but it does by others. We take programming lessons, last year it was just some basic words, but this time we’re moving to C++ though some of you may have already seen that I’m kind of way ahead as I showed a demo of a game I’m making in the school fair.

Jumpon Chef Screenshot

While this has nothing to do with English for you guys, for people here, it is. Since programming needs English my parents decided to give me English courses, the reason is that even though I’m good, having a certificate is even better, and they’re totally right! One problem I’m having is the teacher, you see I’ve always been number every year in English class, and that is only because of the way I speak English (no I don’t mean an accent), I tend to use words that other people see funny, actually it’s more of the way I say them, not a single teacher wasn’t impressed, that is something I didn’t see coming. Let me show you what I mean.

As class started our lesson was about Small Talk and how to answer something, but in a small way. It’s actually like this:

Mom: Are you listening?
Son: Yes I am.
Dad: Do you think it’s a joke?
Son: Yes I do.

It was all going right until writing session came up, actually it was the start of the fun because writing is where I really shine. The teacher asked me to write an email to a friend I haven’t seen in a while, catch up with him and see what he’s doing now, but use small talk thingys… Okay! That is just too easy and I love it. I know the topic is boring, but I had the right words to soften it up so here goes:

Dear Yasser!

You remember me, don’t you? Well of course you do! I’m more memorable than Mario, right? Anyway brother how are things? I know we chat every day, but the teacher wants me to send an email… Which is pretty fun to write, isn’t it? You’ll try it, won’t you? I’m asking lots of questions, am I? What did you do there? I know the UK is great… Wait a minute! Don’t tell me you didn’t tickle the creepy London guard, did you? Anyway my pen – From here I changed the color of my pen –  is almost dried out, but the teacher gave me another (which is weird because usually you type emails, not write them). Whatever you’re doing I hope you reply because I miss you, but I really want to ask you a question… You finished World of Warcraft, didn’t you?

Sincerely your best friend and if you deny it, I will too…


Annoyed and angry meme

Well this kind of funny usually gets me a full grade, but actually she removed but the teacher wants me to send an email <—- This part and marked it as “No need -_-” …  This teacher really doesn’t get a joke, does she? She even told me that it’s more of a diary. WELL HOW IN THE WORLD IS THAT A DIARY! I’m making fun of the lesson in a somewhat funny way, and any teacher would actually kiss me if I write such things. I guess thoughts do differ, of course I know that, but I “thought” *wink* *wink* this isn’t opinions related, what do you guys think? Whatever it is I sure thank you for reading this, until next time…



2 thoughts on “GeekLife: But That’s Some of My Best Work :/

  1. Well first of all Omar, YOU should be the one teaching HER. Second of all, I don’t want to be a b*tch or anything but… “Ii know we chat every day” >>Ii<< 😐 " I’m asking lots of questions, am I? " aren't I* C= I don't really think you need the English classes, you should just focus when you're typing, or at least reread what you typed. e.e

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