GeekLife: What a Showdown

Moving to yet ANOTHER game from the Humble Bundle, this time I set my eyes on The  Showdown Effect which finished download yesterday, but sadly Steam didn’t have any left for me so I waited till the next day.

As the light came to the day and I turned on my laptop (only to find that Battlefield 3 download automatically restarted for no reason whatsoever) I double clicked the game, took my key and started playing. Now The Showdown effect is a pretty cool game which suffers some problems here and there, the biggest was the resolution issues I had.

First of all my decision was to go training (the game is all multiplayer online so I couldn’t face bots), at first the game was slow as hell, but my laptop is pretty powerful, it runs games like Sleeping Dogs on full power, but what’ the deal? I edited the resolution and power to suite the game, I also had my training duty done and it was time for the big gun to step up into the big city we call online.

The Showdown Effect  EXPLOSION

As I started searching for an already hosted match to join I found that I CAN’T READ ANYTHING ANYMORE! Why is that? Well the resolution I chose makes the words look so small that I can’t read them at all, weir thing is that the gameplay looked perfect, but to join a match you need to understand what the lounge says. Then it was back to training for me so I can try other resolutions, of course it can be edited anywhere, but since every place takes a different look, I needed to make sure the gameplay is good.

I got too tired so I just randomly pressed stuff in the lounge only to finally enter a match, actually enter as a player waiting for more players, at least there was a chat I decided to try, that is where I meeted a great gamer who is now on my Steam friends list. I had to disconnect and search somewhere else, so when I was the one hosting I decided to invite my new friend (who also happens to have got it from The Humble Bundle), we waited a while for players and then started, short answer? He kicked my ass, in the end he was the one to win, whereas as I had some kills here and there :D.

The  Showdown Effect gameolay

You can consider the problem with resolution my only hate towards the game because picking the bad one makes gameplay unresponsive, and I’m pretty sure the laptop isn’t the problem, but nevertheless if you have a good internet connection and meet the requirements of the game consider downloading the demo at first.

Thanks for reading gamers, if you liked the article you’re going to love the past ones and those to come, follow me on twitter @GameOnGamerGuy (and follow this blog for email updates), also while you’re at it add me on Steam so we can have more fun! gamerguy321. Until next time…


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