GeekLife: Mcpixel -Review-

As I bought another bundle on yesterday I couldn’t be happier, “why?” you might ask, well one of the bundles was hosted by Pewdiepie as I mentioned in the last article had games I always wanted to play, from Amnesia to Botanicula, the first to finish the download is called Mcpixel which stands at a 36MB (I have really slow internet so I didn’t try the others yet).

Chapters in Mcpixel

As this pixel glory was open, the surprisingly good music became really annoying if you’re constantly listening. The game puts you directly in this pixelated universe with no actual clue of what to do. You start in the first chapter of the story mode with 3 levels, each has six different sequences. The first sequence starts, you have about 15 seconds, GO FIGURE! It’s really not annoying once you figure out that just as you fail (Which will happen A LOT!) the sequence… The location you’re in will blow up, but if you win… Well you win, earn what looks like a coin, and continue. Of course losing will move you to the next sequence so you can try it too (but you don’t earn a coin). Keep going through the levels until all six sequences are beaten and carry on to Level 2 which also has six new different sequences. An annoying problem I had is finding some of the clickable solutions as the pixels dont make them look very well, though after finding them a stupidity feeling will hunt you forever.

I’ve enjoyed looking at the hilarious scenes within the game, it’s a puzzle point and click as I see it, but the actions you do which might blow you up or get you killed are better than lots of of puns and pranks you’ve ever seen. Peeing on an alien, stuffing a bone into a cow’s butt and having the 6th real number  some letters replaced- with the president never looked better.

more mcpixel

Even though the best thing to do is beat a game, this doesn’t feel like you want to, I just want more of it to laugh and laugh and laugh. Once you play even though you might know what should be done to beat this sequence, you’ll choose to actually lose and see what happens.

Standing at a $4.99 this is incredibly awesome! It’s also available on iOS and Android so being all clicks I think it’s also a good go there too! Mcpixel is a great game to try and play, pickup to go, and I really don’t want it to end, the problem is that playing it too much can get your brain damage (I’m serious this time) so taking a break is a big necessity.

The Verdict

Mcpixel has its own type of sick funny that sometimes just cracks you up, it isn’t a good game by standards of gameplay, but more standards of “What will happen now?”, which is somewhat actually gameplay. You won’t really care about the time you have because it’s cheap and you’ll enjoy this once you get the hang of it.

My last look into this game gives it a well deserved 7.8/10

Thanks for reading gamers, until next time…



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