GeekLlife: We Are Humble. Others Are Too

Today I woke up to finding my friend just blabbing about getting $250 worth of games, I wasn’t really surprised because he would pay that much for games ( I would), but the thing is that he only payed $10. I read that and assumed he pirated the software, but actually it’s something good and you guys are going to love!

Humble Bundle, a series of collections of video games, e-books, music albums distributed online at a price the purchaser chooses. Let me put this in a better way, every 2 weeks the website changes the bundle to other stuff, and this time it’s filled with LOTS of games! Of course not just any games, things like Battlefield 3, Dead Space 3… All of this goes for a good cause you see, lets say you decide to pay $10 (yeah they’re THAT good), and the $10 is given to charities of your choice, and of course you can give a tip or two.

After you accept and purchase the bundle, you get the items you purchased as a link to the download codes by email. The good thing here is that everybody wins, you get awesome games for a low price, charities get money, publishers are paid… What I loved looking at is the fact that some people actually paid in thousands, the top guy for the bundle right now is above 3000, and I thing that guy should pat himself on the back because he did a great thing!

Another person not far from stuff like this is non other than a youtube star we all know and love, Pewdiepie! This guy is the reason my friend and many many other people saw all the work here, bravo! I hope you guys will also check it right —>HERE<—

I know this isn’t an article we’re used to writing here, but I wanted to remember at least one good thing I can do for charity, and even feel great about it! Thanks for reading everyone, you can follow me on twitter @GameOnGamerGuy, also if you’re a fellow Steam User add me gamerguy321 (I never say no to a challenge). While this is going on, you might be wondering about our youtube channel, well fellow geeks I’m having some troubles with my PC and the internet so it might take sometime, but thanks a lot for checking everything out, until next time…


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