GeekLife: The Smurfs 2 -Review-

Yes, I’m one of the teenagers who sat down right there with the pack of schools and families that went to watch the movie that kids now are still crazy wanting to watch it… AGAIN. To speak the truth that is actually the only thing that I hated about the movie, being surrounded by 8, 9 and 10 year old kids that keep opening a flashlight app on their iphone 5… God damn that was annoying, Smurfette had the light look right on her, well kids might be reading this so I will just stop here.

First of all, before I talk story or anything I decided that as of today, GeekLife will not have a scoring point for movies AT ALL, of course our cartoon reviews don’t, but that is something else. The reason I chose this is to stand away from the likes of IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes, don’t get me wrong, I respect every website and every person anywhere, and that is the reason I did that, the truth is that I don’t understand how they take scoring for movies, and almost everything I review sets it high because I enjoy them, plus I don’t have the skills required for such things. GeekLife will no longer have scores for movies, but we will keep older movies reviewed scores (which are only few) alive.

The Smurfs 2 was just what I wanted, a trip to one of the cartoons that my mom made me watch as a child. The Smurfs 2 boosts a fine 3D effect that is so relaxing for an eye to see, maybe even better than real life and it’s obvious how they put some cute & cool 3D designs in mind, seeing Gargamel stuck head first in a portal that looks like a flush of a toilet in 3D is always a treat.

Smurfs falling into a portal in The SMurfs 2

The story goes on as Smurfette is dreaming about her being created by Gargamel and not knowing where she’s really from, but that is only until Papa Smurf calms her down with some real words of wisdom, after that Smurfette goes away only to be caught by one of Gargamel’s grey smurfs. Gargamel is actually a celebrity in the real world now and has one heck of a fortune performing in cities like L.A and recently Paris. His plan is to take the essence of all the Smurfs to power his wand and rule the world.

Along the movie you’ll find some touching moments that some kids actually cried at (No I did not tear… Okay maybe I did :/). Patrick is now trying to be an incredible dad unlike what his father was to him, whereas his step dad is trying to bond with him as much as possible whenever he can. Humor is never off, and if you think that this is only for kids then think again as some jokes will never be understood by a person that didn’t get into Biology classes or had the… “talk”.

Videos make you happy louder than any written word so I say, lose the device you’re using now and go watch this movie right away! Thanks for reading everyone, please make sure you read yesterday’s special article! Until next time…


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