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Most of the readers here are fellow geeks, whether it’s comics, movies or games your place is here! Another place for people like us is well known for tons of parodies, funny videos… And that place is none other than the one that the awesome crew of Smosh run.

Smosh is best known for making lots and lots and LOTS of videos that never seem to bore you out. You can find them anywhere (they must be terrible at hide and seek), making videos, playing games, EVERYWHERE! Most recently Smosh started working on something is well… A dream! As a gamer, did you never not think about making a game? Or at least how a game you are playing can be better? Well of course you did! Smosh has the same feeling you do. About two weeks ago there was a little announcement of making their dream come true. I wanted to discuss this before, but now that I’ve actually contributed to the game, I thought it’s best to do this now.

Boss battle idea Smosh Food Battle The Game

Food Battle is an annual video Ian and Anthony (Smosh) do, they have crazy battles from what looks to be like a dictionary with pictures, and that is all to prove which of the food each chose is the best. Well the game here revolves around that… Maybe not, but the food is there! They’re promising a full 3D game with a 3D world to please every bit of your hungry adventure blood.

Of course with everything announced in the developer diary, it’s pretty hard for two guys to develop all this on their own, right? They’re not! Actually I’m pretty sure they don’t have development skills, that is where we come to help! They’ve hired a bunch of programmers to do this, however developing a game isn’t that easy AT ALL. Well maybe if you’re skilled, but the problem Smosh is having is in cash, actually it’s in a debit card and stuff like that :/. They’ve started a project on indiegogo trying to fund this project which needs at least a strong 250K, or should I say $250,000? Yeah that sounds bigger. I for once gave them what I was able to, and might put more later, but since time is almost done why not consider doing this? Even a dollar would help, no? Just do it right —>HERE<—

About the game:

Donut Minions Smosh Food Battle

Food Battle: The Game will be a 3D single-player action adventure free to play game on PC, iOS, Android and maybe more later, oh and the developers (You’re going to love this) are Liquid Development… Let me put this again, Fable 2, Killzone 2, Mass Effect 2, Borderlands and… HALO 4! Had enough?

The story begins in a small village that once had a prosperous donut factory, a greedy baker tried splicing donut and human DNA to replace his workers with donut minions, but like any other crazy invention, the greedy baker lost control of the donut minions and they started attacking the town. The character you play as is Anthony, and all the minions and bosses you fight are ones from food battle videos. Anthony’s weapons are the ones he used in past videos, but well… As a somewhat real weapon, no matter the looks for now I think it’s awesome, what do you think?

red hot chilli pepper gun smosh foodbattle egg roll hammer smosh food battle calery swords Smosh Food Battle

Just imagine playing this game, or actually any game filled with the craziness of Ian & Anthony with the skills of liquid development. Not to mention the fact that nothing of this is final yet, check out the indiegogo page while you’re at it, and help them through development ideas and concepts.

Thanks for reading everyone I hope you’ll help Smosh throughout this project. If you like our articles make sure you follow us for e-mail updates and new articles. Also please check out one of our friend’s work, BBTHQ. Until next time…



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