GeekLife: Dragon Ball Z Super Android 13 -Review-

Beware little guy

Beware little guy

Dragon Ball Z Super Android 13 was originally released on July 11, 1992, while the English dubbed version was released on February 4, 2003. The review won’t be taking a movie rating like imdb and other websites do, but it will take more of game-like reviews to stretch the score up a bit. Consider reading our The Hobbit and also some game reviews to understand how we deal with such things.

The  Story

As Dr. Gero is killed by two of his own Androids at the start of the movie, his computer was still operating his ambitions and wills to kill Goku. To what was at first a battle with two Red Ribbons from Dr. Gero is now an even bigger battle between Goku, Trunks, Vegeta and the Androids.

Two on one is a common strategy... Isn't it?

Two on one is a common strategy… Isn’t it?

After the destruction of the two Androids things got worse as Android 13 who was yet to be beaten took the parts that give the beaten Android’s powers only to get a whole lot stronger. As everyone collapses down to the powerful Android, Goku got energy from everything around him to make a spirit bomb and finally destroy Android 13 and turning off Dr. Gero’s computer.

Points to Note

Negatives: Nothing, but the fact that some words used by Goku like “please” and “I beg you” isn’t at the right place of where Goku is, I understand how Goku should appeal to younger ages in anime by being polite and funny, but for me seeing his situation, please isn’t used at the right time.

Yeah... You'll get it when you read the next paragraph

Yeah… You’ll get it when you read the next paragraph

Positives: Really everything else is positive, as always the story takes a good role, nothing special, but never bad. I liked how humor here is a bit better and can be spotted. The effects were pretty darn cool, better than ever, I actually thought some of them are new blasts or attacks. Goku’s personality is done way better as his childish humor in the anime series is there too!

The Verdict

Android 13 from Dragon Ball Z

You don’t want to see the monster he becomes

Dragon Ball Z Super Android 13 is the best between the two I reviewed earlier if you ask me. Really showing the humor of Goku and the rest of the characters. Effects were pretty cool and gave a great overall as I see. Please read our review of Lord SlugThe Return of Cooler and watch them as they do deserve to be watched just like this one, but for me Dragon Ball Z Super Android 13 is the best between all three. 9.2/10

Thanks for going through the huge day with us here! I devoted almost my entire day working on these, thanks a lot for going through my special  Dragon Ball Z day. I promise more articles from now on, and I hope you’ll follow us and check us out everyday. I’m pretty sure I should also note that I might still have one more movie that I put somewhere in my room so expect more reviews from now on!



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