GeekLife: Enjoying Super Mario 3D Land

Super Mario 3D Land Logo I guess

As I went to the bank today to put $45 into my account I was still wondering what should I get, should it be Lego City: Undercover? Should it be Mario & Luigi: Dream Team, maybe finally give up on waiting to play Monster Hunter on the Wii U and trying it on the 3DS? Well I looked at the wishlist on the e-shop and asked my cousin to pick so he removed about 9 other games to leave me with choosing between two… Super Mario 3D Land, and Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D.

Of course judging by the the title, you do know that I got Super Mario 3D Land, if you’re also following me on twitter @GameOnGamerGuy you would also know the problems I’m having with this game. So is it hard? No! Is it… bad? HELL NO! … Then what is it? Well… IT’S TOO DAMN EASY! Maybe just being advanced at platformers (no I’m not bragging). As I finished the boss battle in world one I was all like “YES! The real fun will begin!”, but I’m in world four and didn’t even break a sweat, why is this? Now before you say I judge quickly I’m pretty sure I haven’t finished half the game yet, it says to have eight worlds, and my friends keep telling me that it will get much harder later, though I’m worried, even though I’m still on world four, my cousin who’s using another save file just finished world six, I told him to not spoil the levels, but what he’s saying is that world six is TOO easy, but counting out the boss battle. What’s really creeping me out is if this is true… How the heck did the game get all these high scores if it’s like that? I’m pretty sure the crew on ONM wouldn’t give it a %94 if it was like this, heck no! No one would! That’s just a quick thought (somewhat quick :/ ) of what I have played for now.

Super Mario 3D Land Level

I won’t spoil what I’ve played of course so I will watch my words, but let me say this about the game levels. Super Mario 3D Land levels are beautiful! Maybe not galaxy beautiful, but can be considered a good rival to Sunshine, even though they differ in type of worlds – Open VS levels-. The thing that I noticed the most about graphics in it is how it used the 3D effects, when it came out EVERYONE said that this used the 3DS at it’s best, this game will be remember for ages as the best 3DS game… I’ll tell you what, this game was released at the early levels of the 3DS when it had problems with software, I played about 7 games which were released after this game, and now looking at this one, if you just read the review of Super Mario 3D Land and thought the 3DS could only do that? Check this little handeld again, RIGHT NOW! That is in no way using the 3DS’s features at full, trust me it isn’t.

Now let’s do gameplay of these levels, though too easy (for now), what they pack is great, they give you the crazy fun each and every Mario game (excluding NA version of Super Mario Bros. 2), but better! I found myself dazzled by new enemies, using Tanooki Mario, jumping through that flying box and all that. Through playing a bit more of levels already beaten, I found out that their was none that Ii got all three star coins in them, and actually exploring the 3D level was pretty important so I think that adds more time to the lasting appeal. Like Miyamoto said, it’s a 3D Mario game that plays like 2D ones, if you haven’t played this you should know that it isn’t like Mario 64 I’ll say, but still you won’t feel the 2D part except when you’re picking the levels you’re playing that is.

Super Mario 3D Land Bboss Battle

Thanks for reading everyone, feel free to tell me what you think of the game, did you feel it was too easy (Don’t you dare spoil stuff… PLEASE!). As always keep it here and please keep in mind that this article is published on both ngeeklife and nintychronicle by the same person. Until next time…


3 thoughts on “GeekLife: Enjoying Super Mario 3D Land

  1. The game definitely ramps up the difficulty a little later on, but I enjoyed it mostly for its mix of 3D and 2D Super Mario Bros. games. Plus, it was nice to see the Tanooki Suit return!

    • Yeah you’re right! I was really wrong, but good thing I mentioned it was just a first thought (Phew).

      Thank you for commenting my friend, please make sure you read our two new Dragon Ball Z movie reviews, and keep it here as another one is only 1 hour away! – Omar

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