GeekLife: Dragon Ball Z The Return of Cooler -Review-


You don’t see it now, but new Namek’s power is being… Devoured?

Dragon Ball Z The Return of Cooler was originally released in Japan on March 7, 1992, then dubbed to English on August 13, 2002. The review won’t be taking a movie rating like imdb and other websites do, but it will take more of game-like reviews to stretch the score up a bit. Consider reading our The Hobbit and also some game reviews to understand how we deal with such things.

The  Story

The story goes on as robot creatures land on new Namek lead by noneother Cooler. Goku and the rest of the Z-Warriors (as I’ve heard others call them) decide to help the Namekian race along Piccolo. As our heroes land on the planet, Gohan, Krillin and Piccolo start fighting the robots, but end up failing to the massive power and increasing numbers to directly sent to the Gete star that powers Cooler’s somewhat ship -except for Piccolo who survives the robot’s assault-.

Dragon Ball Z The Return of Cooler Gohan Caught by robots

Gohan is in deep trouble

On the other hand Goku fights Cooler into which he thought was defeated, but keeps coming back even more powerful, and just when death is near Vegeta comes in to… It should be saving the day, but he kind of made it worse, losing to a large number of enemies of Cooler, Goku and Vegeta are also sent to the Gete star to be stripped off of their power, but when their power exceeds the capacity that can be taken everything excluding the half destroyed planet and what’s left of Cooler explodes. Though it doesn’t stop there as again Cooler comes in to kill collapsed Goku in which Vegeta actually helps our hero to save the day!

Music & Dialogue

I was going to do a different category, but I thought that since music and dialogue being somewhat a breaker for the score, this time it breaks mold in a good way. The music is appealing and suits everything happening very well. Having of course such extreme battles needs rocking them hard in tunes and not lyrics, and that’s just what happened over there.

Goku and Vigita Nearly beating Cooler

That should be a party!

Unlike dialogue in Lord Slug everything here is where it should be. Krillin has the usual weak but breakthrough personality, Piccolo filling his ego through silence, and Master Roshi… Well being the ******* he’s always been.

The Verdict

Dragon Ball Z The Return of Cooler is pretty fun to watch, shows Japan’s anime (and manga) dedication to readers. Just like Lord Slug, this isn’t a night of fun due to it being about 60 minutes long. The story is as good as any other movie, and the overall should be great as it stands at a strong 8.7/10.

Thanks for reading everyone, the third review will be also published soon enough so don’t worry a bit. I hope you’ve read the article I published earlier today. Until next time…

This is what will happen to those who won't read my next review

This is what will happen to those who won’t read my next review



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