GeekLife: Dragon Ball Z Lord Slug -Review-

Dragon Ball Z Lord Slug was originally released in Japan on March 19, 1991, then dubbed to English on August 7, 2004. The review won’t be taking a movie rating like imdb and other websites do, but it will take more of game-like reviews to stretch the score up a bit. Consider reading our The Hobbit and also some game reviews to understand how we deal with such things.

The Story

The movie stars Goku, Krillin, Piccolo, Gohan and other usual Dragon Ball characters as they fight off an army that as landed, declared to be under the rule of their leader Lord Slug. Due to movie events Ii won’t spoil at first only Gohan and Piccolo fight off the enemies. After Piccolo and Gohan fainting in the ground against Lord Slug’s Top men, Goku and Krillin find their way to the battle and beating his top men.

Goku fighting Lord Slug

Lord Slug after regaining his youth by the granted wish after finding the Dragon Balls (It only took his men 5 minutes to find them actually) appears to battle Goku, of course first he eliminated Krillin with one hit thanks to him being at a rush. The movie continues with Lord Slug and Goku battling it out until Gohan being a very important role in killing the evil Namekian.

Music & Dialogue

The story is all great, but the movie overall had some ups and downs, taking an important note is the music wish was all hard rock, it was actually pretty awesome hearing it with the effects like planet crashes and all that in the movie, but I think some other fans won’t enjoy hearing it, of course this is not deal breaker, but it should be noted I guess.

Krillin in Lord slug

If the movie had something I really hated then it’s the dialogue, actually some parts of the dialogue Goku and sometimes Piccolo say seem not right, they don’t go in with the the traits and powerful personality of the characters. It’s actually sometimes the effects used too, but when watching this movie, it’s quite noticeable.

The Verdict

The movie is pretty cool, it’s not in anyway better than watching the TV series or reading the mangas, but still fun. 60 minutes of fun (from uncut version) available, but I’m pretty sure watching it now won’t have the feel it did in 1991 or even 2004 (before HD and all that came in).For a 22 year old movie I think it will do a great job for a fun but not memorable time, watching it won’t harm your movie watching record stuff, but consider it anyway for a fast brows in and go out.

I think the overall should be about average so I guess it takes a 6.4/10

Thanks for reading everyone, I’m still working on more reviews and will try hard to publish them today, however the next one won’t be here until a couple more hours as I have… Stuff to do :). Until next time with this…



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