GeekLife: 3 Reviews Coming Up

As 2011 reached it’s end I was on a movie craze, many games were pretty awesome and fun, but many I couldn’t play, so a typical answer to pass time is sleeping  watching movies was my best shot. Almost all day the TV turned on movie channels like Top Movies, OSN something, fox something and all that, but when it was all going for a repeat I got a DVD player and about a movie every week.

The Wolverine 2013 Movie Image

Till 2012 was about half I was kind of caught up with all movies out there so to keep up even more I decided to go to cinemas more often, that’s when I watched The Avengers with my buddies and got even more into this. I wouldn’t really call myself crazy for movies as their are some I might choose not to watch or wait for DVD/Blu-Ray. Some I can’t wait for like The Hobbit, but some I can like The Wolverine.

A year ago I went to the DVD store to get a new movie to watch, my pick was going to anything anime, and that is when I saw Goku from Dragon Ball! An anime series I’ve always loved and enjoyed so very much, but I never watched any of the movies, then again I didn’t watch all episodes of Dragon Ball Z or GT so I decided to get a Dragon Ball movie, people would guess too much but I was so in hurry that I went out and picked two of them which were titled: The Return of Cooler & Super Android 13. Watching this was a big highlight for me! A year later (about a 2 weeks ago) I decided to buy another one which was titled as Lord Slug.


I’m pretty sure after reading the 3 names you know what the reviews are, of course I won’t mash up 3 in one, and heck won’t be adding more words on this article. Each movie will have it’s own review, I have the DVDs next to me, I’m going to watch one by one, and review one by one, at the same time trying to publish all three in a day’s time so wish me luck and keep it here as things might not take time 😉

Thanks for reading everyone until next time…


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